High-End München 2024 Recap Teil 2

High-End Munich 2024 Recap Part 2

And let's continue with our trade fair report, because there are still a lot of exciting new products that we would definitely like to introduce and that will be available from now on. will be available very soon from Audio Essence!

Supra Cables USB-C cable

We waited a long time for the USB-C cables from Supra Cables from Sweden and finally the time has come: We were allowed to take 2 cables home to test and Supra assured us that the cables were very good will be officially available soon.

The “boys” from Supra or from Supra Sales are happy to present their new USB cables, which we now have in the showroom for you to try out.

As expected, the new USB-C cables correspond to Supra's well-known design with a light blue sleeve. Cables and connectors are manufactured to a high quality and are of course excellently shielded, so that very good usability and performance can be expected. We will test this ourselves in the next few days and weeks and report on it.

It starts with the USB-C to USB-C cable to connect DACs and tablets, computers and smartphones.

Of course there is also a USB-A to USB-C cable.

A USB-C to USB-B cable will follow shortly, completing this cable series. The possibility of offering an “Excalibur” USB-C line later is still being discussed.

The workmanship is excellent as usual - the price is still being determined, but should be relatively cheap - just like Supra's "old" USB-A to USB-B cable.

Supra Cables or During the conversation, their sales department emphasized that they wanted to maintain the low prices of the past.In reviews, Supra's cables regularly beat significantly more expensive competing products - but they still want to offer excellent performance at extremely fair prices in the future.


A nice surprise at High-End 2024 was the presence of oBravo. We only recently added the brand to our range - but not yet its full portfolio. However, that will change later this year and interested customers can already order any oBravo product from Audio-Essence. A call or email is enough.

oBravo position themselves as a boutique brand and offer IEMs and headphones that are technically, visually and also price-wise, for example.T stand out clearly from the competition.

We were already able to test the oBravo Clio extensively in the showroom and we were impressed by the clear, dynamic sound of the AMT drivers in this small blue IEM. The Clio are also very compact and ergonomically shaped, so they should fit in any ear. The set is completed by a really high-quality cable, which fits the Clio perfectly in terms of appearance and, above all, sound.

For 1999 CHF you get a complete package that is well above its price range and also looks stylish.

oBravo also offer high quality headphones that consist of a combination of their patented AMT driver ("Air Motion Transformer") and a dynamic driver.

We were able to convince ourselves of the qualities of the headphones on site - they deliver an incredibly transparent and spatial sound image.

Last but not least we met an "old friend", oBravo's top model Ra in a solid platinum version. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to test the Ra-C-Cu extensively over two months and also gave it to a number of customers to collect feedback.

We and the customers were generally impressed with the Ra's performance, but there were a few things that needed to be improved in order to justify the high price of around 12,000 EUR/CHF.

As many of our customers may know, we only accept products that convince us. Given the price, the Ra had to pass a tough test. So we passed on the feedback and recommendations to Phil at oBravo , who gratefully received them.

Now there are manufacturers who take customer feedback to heart and those who know better. Luckily, Phil from oBravo is one of the former and promptly implemented our most important suggestion: The 4-wire cable included with the Ra, which is also used with their other IEMs, is a good cable - just not appropriate for an in-ear in this price range . I also had the feeling that the cable held the Ra back and that it was capable of more.

Phil proudly showed us at the High End his new Ra cable, the Osiris, which consists of a very exotic and expensive mix of materials and - as requested, an 8-wire cable is.

The cable shown is a pre-production example and the final version will not have a purple cable cover, but a transparent one.

A listening session on site confirmed our cable thesis and the Ra was (almost) unrecognizable: the transparency and airiness were significantly increased, the previously somewhat "hard" highs gave way to a silky timbre and the bass was almost unrecognizable - strong, fast and with excellent texture.

The Ra with the Osiris cable is now a completely different IEM and finally lives up to its own standards! By the way, the entire package with the Osiris cable will only be available in Europe - at the same price as before and can also be ordered from Audio Essence on request!

We are happy about this small success, a good product to make it even better through feedback and to our collaboration with oBravo!

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