High End München 2023:  Video Interview - Ferrum Wandla DAC

High End Munich 2023: Video Interview - Ferrum Wandla DAC

One manufacturer whose products are particularly close to my heart is Ferrum Audio from Poland. So, like last year, I really wanted to visit their booth to say hello and of course to talk about their latest product, the "Wandla" DAC.

By the way, "Wandla" comes from the German word "Wanderer" and was quickly adapted by Ferrum. As simple as that.

Ferrum Wandla

Sound quality above all

As easy as Ferrum made it with the name of their new DAC, they made it difficult for themselves with the development, because they not only wanted to surpass the in-house ERCO, but also stand up to the "establishment" among the DACs on the market offer - and for the lowest possible price. Not an easy task!

Already at last year's High-End, the ladies and gentlemen from Ferrum told me that they would be developing a new high-end DAC that should clearly outperform the already very good ERCO.

And since then we have been diligently collecting input from users and dealers as to which features or Properties the new DAC should have. After I had already been told that the new device should definitely have a large touch display and that a larger housing would therefore probably be necessary, I did everything to convince Ferrum that it was precisely the compactness and stackability as well as the uniform design determine the appeal of their devices.

In the months that followed, I never missed an opportunity to repeat my opinion. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had this opinion, because lo and behold: The Wandla has the same housing as all other Ferrum devices and can therefore be wonderfully combined with other devices to form a pretty little "stack".

Ferrum Wandla

"Thank you, Ferrum, for listening to the input of your users and for taking us seriously!"

In general, the ladies and gentlemen from Ferrum are simply super nice and easy to get along with, one could even speak of a family atmosphere. In any case, I felt absolutely comfortable at every meeting - like among friends.

But let's get to the point why I'm writing the blog here: During a conversation with a young employee, he told me that he was involved in the development of the Wandla and why the Wandla was a very special product for him and Ferrum represents:

By the way, the R2R DAC that Kamil mentions here is the Holo May, which is approx. costs 7000 USD. If the Wandla can keep up here - and Ferrum is convinced of that - then the Wandla is an absolute value-for-money hit that, combined with the Hypsos power supply, gets even better!

True usability

In addition to the inner values, Ferrum have also committed themselves to the simplest operability. Your own software and designer team has therefore done everything to make the Wandla easy to understand and use. If you look at the following video, it becomes clear that this goal was also achieved. "Playing" with menu options is fun just to watch:

All in all, Ferrum worked on their Wandla for over a year, built and compared countless solutions and released a product that they are visibly proud of and of which they say with confidence that it can keep up with the really big ones.

They are so convinced of this at Ferrum that they have sent 50 review devices from Wandla all over the world so that dealers, distributors and of course reviewers can get an idea of ​​the quality of the device and the first reviews should appear soon.

To say goodbye, Ferrum put a box of the finest Polish chocolates and a bottle of real Polish vodka in my hand. That's hospitality in Polish. Dziękuję moim przyjaciołom z Ferrum Audio!

The Ferrum Wandla is of course now available from Audio Essence!

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