Ein bisschen mehr: Plussound Upgrade-Kabel Unboxing

A little more: Plusound upgrade cable unboxing

There is another new addition to Audio Essence: Plussound - renowned manufacturer of top-class cables. And when I say extra class, I mean extra class. In terms of workmanship, design and presentation, there are not many manufacturers who can keep up here. And when it comes to variety and design options for cables, nobody can keep up:

Plussound offers pretty much every conceivable connection for every product, no matter how exotic. Whether in-ear or headphones - the right connection is sure to be found here.

But that's not all, because there are almost no limits when it comes to designing the cables or adapting them to your own taste. There are literally hundreds of possible combinations!

Let's take a closer look at 2 of your cables ...

Plussound Kabel

All cables come in the same classy packaging: A small, black, rounded box with gold accents and a gold logo promises equally classy content.

Plussound Kabel

After opening, one thing becomes clear: it can be even more noble. A message in golden letters on thick acrylic glass greets the new owner and gives a clear view of the no less noble leather bag underneath, which is even available with the cheapest cable!

Plussound Kabel

At least now it becomes clear: Plussound means business. No half measures!

Plussound X8

Finally the cable in the leather case: In this case a Plus Sound X8 Gold Plated Copper. At the bottom of the box there is a box with a leather cable clip and a cleaning cloth: Plussound has really not cut back on useful accessories!

Here are a few more impressions of the two promised cables:

Plus sound X8 GPC (Gold Plated Copper)

A real eye-catcher and a bit like (ear) jewelry. The X8 (like most Plus Sound cables) is available in a variety of materials and alloys. We only have a small selection in our shop, but of course everything that the manufacturer offers can be ordered on request.

Plussound X8 GPC (Gold Plated Copper)

Plussound X8 GPC (Gold Plated Copper)

Plussound X8 GPC (Gold Plated Copper)

Plussound X8 GPC (Gold Plated Copper)

Plusound Echo + Copper

It's a bit more discreet with the Echo +: A black jacket protects the actual cable and - an additional, special shield - for the highest audiophile demands.

Plussound X8 GPC (Gold Plated Copper)

Plussound Echo+

Plussound Echo+

Of course, you can also "pimp" to your heart's content and if it is not too "blingy", you can choose gold or rose gold colored Y-split and cable sliders.

Ok, but how does it sound?

In the following section I am only giving my own impressions .
I am all too aware that the subject of "cable sound" is a tricky one and pretty much everyone has their own opinion about it and that's a good thing!

The great thing is that you are allowed to use the cables (and everything else) like to test extensively at home and form your own opinion about it.

I personally know what is most important to me when it comes to cables: ergonomics, usability and, of course, the look. The things should be flexible, comfortable to wear and handle and not generate any noise, e.g. by rubbing against clothing, etc. And they should visually match the respective in-ear or headphones, of course.

And yes, after years of trial and error, I am convinced that cables definitely have an impact on the sound. Sometimes more and sometimes less. It depends on the other components (headphones, player, etc.) to what extent the cable influences the sound (positively or negatively or not at all).

If I didn't have this conviction, Audio Essence would be there simply no upgrade cables!

I have currently tested mainly with the new Oriolus Mellianus JP , the "silver bird". And this IEM benefits greatly from the "right" cable. So I replaced the already really good PWAudio "Silver Liar" with the Plus Sound X8 GPC and Plus Sound Echo + - and was downright a bit shocked! The change in sound was the greatest that I have personally ever experienced.

The Mellianus JP is a great reference in-ear with almost uncanny channel and instrument separation and three-dimensional layering as well as wonderfully sonorous and haunting voice reproduction. Just one thing, as an old "basshead" I was missing one thing: the basement. The foundation.

The Mellianus JP has bass and for a pure BA really good bass.
No Empire Ears Odin or Legend X Bass, but still ...

As soon as I had connected the PS X8 or Echo +, the "Silbervogel" went deeper into the cellar, the foundation was suddenly there and the entire frequency spectrum benefited from it. Those weren't nuances, it was a component-level change, like a new player or improved headphones.

I'm writing this blog and I'm still listening to the Mellianus JP, the Cayin N6II- Ti and of course the plus sound Echo +. Somehow I haven't managed to use or test other products in the last few days - this heavenly combination is too much fun!

As I said: These are just my very personal impressions and before someone lifts their index finger and protests: You are cordially invited to test it yourself at home!

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