Custom IEMs: In-Ears für Künstler, Produzenten & Audiophile

Custom IEMs: In-ears for artists, producers & audiophiles

Audio Essence now offers the largest selection of high-end custom in-ears in Switzerland. Our customers are artists, producers and of course audiophiles.


Our selection: Whatever your heart desires

We offer over 60 customizable models from 11 well-known brands and the selection is constantly growing. All of our manufacturers have a lot of experience in the professional sector - many of them have even started their business with customizable in-ears for musicians.

Our service: Above and beyond

Of course, selection alone is not the most important thing when it comes to individually adapted in-ears. That's why we offer an all-round, worry-free package with which you are guaranteed to get your dream in-ears.

You can test most in-ears as universal models at your leisure at home or in our showroom. Once you have decided on a model, choose a design that appeals to you. Almost anything is possible - even custom designs, logos, etc.

Sometimes a manufacturer doesn't directly offer a specific design feature. But since we have a very good relationship with all of our manufacturers, we will always try to make it possible for you!


Our high-tech: saves time

We recently even have a special ear print scanner with which we can scan your silicone ear prints quickly and in the highest possible quality and send them digitally to the manufacturer in just a few minutes. This saves time - sometimes weeks - especially if an impression is not good enough and has to be remade.

Our scanner is a professional device from Forma Smart Optics that scans ear impressions with an accuracy of less than 9 µm (9 micrometers) in just a few seconds and can output them in any format.

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Our guarantee: complete satisfaction

We want you to be happy with the result and get the in-ears you've always wanted. We'll do everything we need to do that!

All we need from you is your ear impressions (ear molds). If you don't have one yet, you can have one made by the hearing care professional of your choice. We recommend Fielmann as there is a branch almost everywhere. In addition, the impressions at Fielmann are very cheap!

Please be sure to take the following document with you to your ear impression appointment to ensure that the impressions are correct: Ear impressions - requirements  

We look forward to designing your customized in-ears over coffee or tea!



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Charmain at the

Vielen Dank für den super Service!
Ich bin sehr zufrieden.
Eine grosse Auswahl die man auch testen kann und ein Wunschdesing mit oder ohne Logo ist möglich!
Es war schwierig passende In Ears zu finden, weil meine Ohren sehr klein sind, hier habe ich meine Wunsch In Ears gefunden!
Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen.

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