Music, the heart of the universe

The ancient Mesopotamian culture six millennia ago seamlessly brought music, mathematics, art, science and religion together and had a profound influence on the later Egyptian, Greek and even modern music worlds and is the source of inspiration for everything we do at oBravo.

Harmonic Cosmology

Representing our unique harmonic cosmology, oBravo headphones' names are inspired by celestial scales and pay tribute to ancient deities. With our exclusive micro-acoustic drivers, the mysteries and grand imagination of the universe are revealed: the Egyptian sun god Ra at the center of the galaxy, surrounded by three planets, symbolized by the Greek muse Clio, the Roman goddess of love Venus and the Roman god of desire Cupid.

The gods created. You hear.

"Oh, bravo!" is the reaction to an awe-inspiring musical performance. The oBravo brand is the result of innovative ideas. Finding the perfect pair of headphones is no different than finding a new star in the universe. We have developed the exclusive patented Air Motion Transformer and Planar Magnetic Driver micro audio drivers embedded in three types of sound-inducing materials: acacia wood, advanced ceramic and aluminum alloy, and they are sure to meet the audio quality requirements of various music lovers.

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