oBravo Clio - Premium AMT IEMs
oBravo Clio - Premium AMT IEMs
oBravo Clio - Premium AMT IEMs
oBravo Clio - Premium AMT IEMs

oBravo Clio - Premium AMT IEMs

CHF 1,999.00

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

A new level of fine audio reproduction

Experience detailed listening pleasure with Clio. Clio offers the ultimate listening experience with larger dynamic drivers. The crystal-clear highs and rich, warm bass enhance low-frequency performance and impart an unparalleled vibrancy that takes you to a new dimension of audio reproduction.


"Clio doesn't come cheap but it has an excellent technical level, it is musical at all times and it on top of all that is lovely designed and superbly built. The Clio can be picky on the source you are using it with, so do try it out with your favorite source first.

If you’re in the market for a higher-end universal IEM, the Clio certainly should be an IEM to put on your shortlist. If you like the typical AMT and dynamic hybrid combo sound, this IEM should be in your top IEMs to consider and audition."

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The smallest AMT in the world - oBravo's exclusive miniaturization technology

The convergence of the passion of scientists with the craftsmanship of a genius has ushered in an unprecedented revolution in headphone technology! Patented in the US, Germany, China, Japan and Taiwan, our miniaturization designs and technologies, unparalleled in the world, put you in the middle of the action with fine, powerful bass.

Convincing performance across the entire frequency range.

An unprecedented sound experience. With a special tilting design, oBravo combines air motion transformers (AMT) and dynamic drivers to deliver powerful, crisp bass, balanced mids and crystal clear highs.

Oxygen-free single crystal copper cable.

The finest conductor material made of pure silver, gold-plated silver and single crystal copper offers you crisp highs, warm mids and deep bass. The cable is equipped with a removable connector and has a wide range of headphone jacks to meet all your needs.


Clio, named after the muse of history, offers the ultimate listening pleasure with larger dynamic drivers. The crystal clear highs and rich, warm bass enhance low-frequency performance, warm bass a vibrancy that is unparalleled and takes you to a new realm of sonic fidelity.

Let the Goddess of Story take over the action and warmth of the music you touch and tell with a soft and pulsating bel canto voice.