Audio GD

All Audio-GD products are designed and developed under the guidance of Mr. He Qinghua, the "First Prize Winner" of National Semiconductor (USA) Audio Design Contest.

With a strong R&D capability in the field of audio technology, Audio-GD offers a complete line of Hi-Fi equipment - DAC, preamplifier and power amplifier - with our signature "Audio-GD Current Signal System" (ACSS) technology.

Our ACCS technology transmits all audio signals in the "Current" range, which offers the least discolored, most detailed and most neutral sound. In addition, we also master advanced audio technologies such as power regeneration technology and fully balanced audio technology. Our technology is on par with the internationally renowned manufacturers of audio equipment.

Audio-GD has grown steadily over the years and has made a name for itself among domestic and overseas customers. We insist on uncompromising build quality. In order to ensure the best quality, every technician in our company is not only highly experienced, but also a Hi-Fi lover.

Our Principles

1. All of our products are handmade by experienced technicians. Quality is our top priority without sacrificing efficiency.

2. All our products are burned in, listened to and thoroughly tested for more than 100 hours.

3. All components are carefully matched to achieve the best sound.

The products have a 10-year repair guarantee.


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