Wie alles begann - Audio Essence

How it all started

The idea for Audio Essence had been floating around in my head for a long time. A dream, a fantasy, nothing more ...

Music accompanied me every day very early in my life. Not just as background sound - because I can't just listen - but quite consciously. It influenced me, my mood, my life. At the tender age of about 10 I got my first cassette recorder from my grandmother. Soon I was experimenting with different types of cassettes to get the best possible sound quality for recordings.

Later I saved my pocket money for pretty much every mobile device and format (Walkman, Discman, Sony Minidisc etc.) that promised better sound with smaller dimensions. Of course, the headphones used were also important.

At some point I had my first apartment and thus my first "real" stereo. The previous mobile solutions faded into the background. From now on I mainly upgraded the system at home.

Years later, I had come to a point where I thought my stereo system, equipped with the best components, was complete.
Then the offspring came and everything changed.

The stereo system and the beloved record player were put in boxes for the purpose of moving - and are still there. Since I no longer had my own "music room" - it had been converted into a children's room without further ado - I could no longer set up the system.

My way out was mobile hi-fi. I listen to music for several hours a day, at home in the home office and on the go. So I started to buy better and better mobile players and headphones and soon I realized that high quality mobile hi-fi can sound as good or even better as a high-end stereo system. In addition, I didn't bother anyone with my music and could hear whenever and wherever I wanted.

At some point at the end of 2020 I said - half jokingly - to my wife that I would love to sell headphones and advise other people with the same passion and help them get their dream setup. She said with a wink: "Well then, follow your passion!"

Half a year later my 2nd baby was born: Audio Essence.

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Richoval at the

„Since I no longer had my own “music room” – it had been converted into a children’s room without further ado“

sounds very familiar… feeling you! great new baby you have there! good luck!

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