Der Schmeichler - Hiby R8II

The flatterer - Hiby R8II

It's 2024 and the year is off to a good start because the first new DAP to reach us this year is the Hiby R8II... and it's got a lot!

But before I get into the “Why?” As always, a little unboxing first, which should partially answer this question...

Hiby R8II

The R8II comes in a simple black, but still valuable-looking packaging.

Hiby R8IIHiby R8II

This can be opened on both sides, which (in contrast to the packaging of the Cayin N30) works great and looks cool.

Hiby R8II

Under another cover, the R8II is already waiting to be freed from its foil wrapping.

Hiby R8II

On the 2nd floor you will find accessories such as a protective cover and cables.

Hiby R8IIHiby R8II

The R8II not only shines with its highly polished aluminum chassis, but also its great screen...

Hiby R8II

And its back is lined in real Alcantara - completely new for a DAP. This not only looks elegant, but also prevents the player from slipping out of your hand - great! 🙌🤩

It becomes immediately clear after listening to it for the first time that the R8II is not only a pleasure to hold but also a pleasure for the ears.

Trial session

  • Hiby R8II
  • Aroma Audio Fei Wan
  • Kinera Loki
  • Effect Audio Code 24
  • Effect Audio Code 24C

To really max out the R8II and make sure I don't miss any details, I choose Aroma Audio Fei Wan + Effect Audio Code 24C and Kinera Loki + Effect Audio Code 24 as playing partners. Two very different IEMs that are intended to "test" the R8II, so to speak.

While the Loki can be described as a reference IEM due to its excellent technical properties and neutral tuning, the Fei Wan is a veritable audiophile fun cannon - you can actually see it in the design! 😅

Effect Audio's new Code 24 cables ensure that Loki and Fei Wan can fully exploit their strengths and so nothing stands in the way of assessing the Hiby.

Aroma Audio Fei WanKinera Loki

Fresh out of the box, the R8II really gets going and a short time later I realize that this is the next price-performance hit after the Cayin N7, which I highly praised. There's never been so much sound for the money - at least not in the absolute flagship segment, because the Hiby R8II definitely belongs to this!

I described the N7 as a flagship without a flagship price and the same applies to the Hiby - only this one is even better!

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