Galactic Superstar - Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023

Galactic Superstar - Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023

If I weren't hearing it with my own ears right now, I wouldn't believe it! We're talking about the new Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023 IEMs, or rather the sound that comes out of these small things come out.

Does anyone happen to remember the Bruce Willis movie "The Fifth Element"? There's a scene with a blue alien lady who's the best opera singer/diva in the galaxy and can do almost impossible things with her voice.

This is exactly the impression I have while listening to music with the Diva 2023!😱🤩😍

But before I go into more superlatives about the sound, as always, a small unboxing photo session.

Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023

The packaging already makes it clear that Elysian Acoustic Labs don't do things by halves: it's big, heavy and has a very high quality finish - unpacking is a lot of fun!

Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023

The two drawers contain the new Ares S Premium cable from Effect Audio and accessories such as a cleaning cloth, various earplugs and a few other small items.

By the way, the IEMs themselves are hidden under the top cover and you have to remove the foam insert to find them. There is also a small carrying case.

The Diva-IEMs themselves are a real feast for the eyes and, of course, have a very high quality finish. (They are available in blue, red and black)

In general, the overall package radiates a premium feeling, which is otherwise reserved for much more expensive products.

Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023

Adjusting screws are clearly visible on the flanks of the IEMs, with which the bass of the Diva can be individually tuned.

Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023

When connecting the cable, Elysian rely on Pentaconn's proprietary Ear Connector, which, similar to MMCX, ensures a rotatable connection. Thanks to the ConX system, the connector can be changed, which means that the cable can theoretically also be used with other in-ears.

listening session

As I write these lines, I listen to the sounds of the diva and indulge in the music. But one after anonther.

The Diva used the new and excellent Hiby R6 Pro II DAP as a playing partner, which, just like the Diva herself, is far above its own league or price range plays. I'm sure that with a player from the category Cayin N7, Cayin N8II or Hiby RS8 you can tease even more out of the Diva and also a cable upgrade should bring even more here.

Nevertheless - what I'm hearing right now is simply wonderful - and the Diva aren't even well-rehearsed!

Details & Treble

The first thing that strikes me when listening is the incredible clarity of the Diva IEMs - unusual in this price range. The only other IEMs in this category that sound similarly clear and high-resolution are the UM MEST II, another great value for money!

The divas go high with plenty of sparkle and the detail shown is excellent. Here the MEST II can at most easily trump the Diva, because they are perhaps a touch more natural. However, the difference is not very big.


I had completely misunderstood the Diva's bass reproduction capabilities beforehand. I thought that the bass range would be a bit underrepresented - i.e. thin.Far from it! 

Even the first songs convince me of the opposite and at the latest when Ana Tijoux's "1977" or Ice Cube's "Gangsta Rap made me do it" my jaw drops - those things bass and sub-bass pump into the ears that it is a real joy and even the mid-bass, albeit less pronounced, is not neglected.

The bass quality is also right: none of the other frequencies are drowned out, but carried on a solid foundation.

Space (stage) & channel separation

Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and Nine Inch Nails "Hurt" are two good songs to test those two aspects and again, Diva owners won't be disappointed. The channel separation is very good. Individual instruments and voices can be clearly heard and located.

If you listen to Korn's "Freak on a Leash" (MTV unplugged), which was recorded in an intimate atmosphere, against "Feel Alive" by Anneke van Giersbergen, the differences from club to concert hall become immediately clear - good job, diva !

Of course, channel separation and stage presentation are not on the same level as a Oriolus Traillii or UM Multiverse Mentor, but they also cost several times as much as the Diva and are therefore correct also here value for money.

voices & mids

But let's get to the actual highlight of the diva. This is, as the name (and my intro) suggest, voice reproduction.

A Youtube reviewer called the Diva 2023 the best voice-producing IEMs around, and while it might seem like an overstatement given some flagship IEMs, I think he's not entirely wrong.

Let me rephrase it a bit: The Diva 2023 has one of the best voice reproduction qualities on the market, regardless of the price.

Singers are singled out and emphasized a little from the ensemble without the whole suffering. Indeed, voices sound very natural, haunting and intense. This gives the listener some goose bumps.Great!

Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023


After reading various forum opinions, I thought the Diva 2023 was a one-trick pony - great for voices and selected music, but definitely not an all-rounder. Wrong!

The Diva 2023 are veritable all-round IEMs that have many other qualities in addition to their outstanding voice reproduction and achieve great results with most styles of music.

All in all, the overall package that you get for your money is excellent - the DIVA play (as well as the UM MEST II) well above their price range. Therefore:

Have a listen!

Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva 2023

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