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Full of passion - Amistat

A while ago I got an email from a band I didn't know at the time. They asked if Audio Essence would be willing to endorse the band. Now I had no idea about these things, but I was curious and without further ado I met with the members of this band.

It was clear from the very first meeting: These "guys" live music and pursue their dreams. They told me how they got into music and what path they have taken. They said that they have a particularly loyal fan base in Switzerland and that they play up to 150 concerts a year here - crazy! 😱

By the way, the band I'm talking about is called Amistat.

I can only say that I was deeply impressed by their passion and dedication to music. And this passion also has an effect on their productions: Josef and Jan attach great importance to the fact that their music, their voices, their feelings are captured as authentically as possible and that means nothing other than that Amistat not only make great music, but this sounds great too!

To give a brief overview of Amistat, here is an excerpt from their websiteamistatmusic. com:

"Twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil were born in Germany and grew up in Italy. As her parents are from Czech Republic and Australia, they eventually moved to Australia to further her music career. In 2019, the duo returned to Europe.

Amistat move in the sound world of a modern Simon and Garfunkel with influences from Ben Howard, Kings of Convenience and Kodaline and are definitely best experienced live. A safe place to be, feel, heal and inspire. Their vocal harmonies create a unique synergy resulting from the merging of their contrasting personalities and musical styles. Their authentic lyrics tell of what they have learned in life and in love. They share their stories and songs about these lessons, most of which they wrote while traveling.

Born with the closeness and understanding that only twins can share, Josef and Jan create a unique synergy through the use of tightly meshed harmonies that are informed by an honest, narrative vocal tone. Amistat is able to convey their inspirations from life on the road, infusing their feelings, hopes and ambitions to develop a unique and honest message to their listeners.

Since 2012, Amistat have released four EPs: "It's Not Words", "Somewhere Sometime", "Nostalgia", "Love and Light" and their debut album " Parley", with whom they embarked on a series of tours across Australia and Europe, including appearances at some of Australia's top festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Fairbridge and Nannup. The duo also won the Marton Guitar Emerging Artist of the Year 2018 award at the 2018 Port Fairy Folk Festival.

After a two-month tour with Australian band Sons of the East, playing 49 shows in 15 countries, Amistat followed with their own headline tour of Europe in autumn 2019 and the UK before heading to their second home of Australia for a national tour in early 2020.

To celebrate the release of their EP "Still Alive" in late 2021, the duo played over 150 shows in less than 7 months in 10 countries, including shows in Italy and South Africa. The twin brothers' latest work is titled Color in Life and is set to be released in early 2023. "

To give you a little insight into her work, here's her YouTube channel:

Amistatmusic - YouTube

I highly recommend taking the time to listen to their music and - if possible - attend their concerts. The atmosphere is unique!

Our contribution

Endorsement means that manufacturers or in this case we, Audio Essence, support bands with equipment and even if we unfortunately couldn't give away the in-ears for free (Audio Essence was still a startup), we Amistat have one made a special award and supported them in the selection and design of their IEMs to the best of their ability.

Custom In-Ears - High End In-Ear Monitors especially for you

Josef, Jann tested a number of in-ears and finally decided on the 64 Audio A12t, the custom version the U12t decided. Later her violinist Philipp contacted me and ordered a custom A6t for himself.

At this point I would like to share the really beautiful designs by Jan and Josef:

64 Audio A12t Amistat
These are Jan's A12t

64 Audio A12t Amistat

. and these belong to Joseph.

sound and fit

Of course, the sound and fit for musicians are even more important than the design! The A12t turned out to be perfect for their music after our demo session. Jan and Josef already had ear impressions, but unfortunately the quality of the impressions was not good enough, so we had to make them again.

Unfortunately, many hearing care professionals who make the impressions do not know that IEMs have different, higher requirements for ear impressions than hearing aids. At this point, we always give our customers our own guidelines, which can be downloaded here:


The tour

What else can I say? Just in time for the start of their current tour "Colour in Life", the IEMs by Josef, Jan and Phillipp were ready and everything fitted and sounded perfect!

Amistat have given us permission to share some visual impressions of their tour with you. All of the following images are from the photographer Glynn Parkinson (© Glynn Parkinson).

Amistat 64 Audio

Amistat 64 Audio

Amistat 64 Audio

Amistat 64 Audio

Amistat 64 Audio

Amistat 64 Audio

Amistat 64 Audio

For artists, musicians, sound engineers, producers and audiophiles

At Audio Essence we offer the largest selection of custom in-ears in Switzerland, maybe even in all of Europe. We support our customers in the selection of the in-ears, the ear impressions, the design - throughout the process and we are sure that we will find the right thing for everyone!

We are proud to work with bands like Amistat and other artists because music is our passion!

So just call us, email us or chat with us if you are looking for the perfect in-ear for your purposes.

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