Ein bisschen Bling Bling: Eletech In-Ear Kabel

A bit of bling bling: Eletech in-ear cable

After the excellent Plussound and Satin Audio cables, another cable manufacturer is now joining us: Eletech or Element Technology.

Eletech Aeneid

Eletech is a relatively new, innovative cable manufacturer headquartered in Singapore. The company was founded by Eric Chong, a prominent figure in the cable segment of the head-fi industry, and materials specialist Wang, an incredible talent in the art of materials engineering, who have been experimenting with the cable craft for decades. Eletech is the platform where the two explore unconventional approaches to develop the zenith of cables through the perfect synergy of musicality, technology, design and innovation.

Eric Chong has been deeply involved in the IEM cable industry for more than 5 years while being an industry veteran for a decade. Before founding Eletech, he worked for Effect Audio and gained a great deal of knowledge there.

Eletech's goal is to always stay at the forefront of the industry with its products and innovations. They have also established various key connections with IEM and DAP manufacturers and are constantly collecting feedback to ensure their products are in perfect synergy with the products of the key industry leaders.

Eletech Aeneid

You can see at first glance that the cables are more than just simple connectors: processing quality and presentation are at the very highest level and the design is unique.
It's no wonder that Eletech's creations quickly won all reviews and were highly praised.

Eletech Iliad

So that you, our customers, can convince yourself of this, a few demo cables are already on the way, which can be tested at home free of charge.

We're definitely looking forward to trying these gems out!

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