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Visit from Italy - Spirit Torino headphones

Sometimes everything turns out differently

Actually, I hadn't even planned to sell headphones at Audio Essence. In-ears and everything around them was the idea. But sometimes everything turns out differently or things happen - happy circumstances - that can teach you better.

In this case it was an enthusiastic mobile hi-fi fan from Italy, Alberto, who spoke to me in the Head-Fi forum. He was actually personally interested in Empire Ears In-Ears, but asked me on the side if I would also sell over-ear headphones. I said no and said that if there was a particularly exciting, largely unknown brand, I wouldn't be averse.

"Coincidentally" a colleague of his was working for Spirit Torino and that's how the contact came about. After a few initial conversations and chats, a few weeks later a huge box with 4 demo devices was in front of my door.

The surprise

Italy is known for high quality hi-fi products, as well as for its fashion, furniture and leather goods. All of this comes together here: in very special headphones.

I quickly realized that I had something special in my hand or on my ears. These headphones were different in every way from most of the ones I had known before: Not just boring gray or black plastic or metal parts from some factory! No - colorful craftsmanship made of solid aluminum and steel, rounded off with headbands made of the finest Italian leather.

Unique and individual - like life

As idiosyncratic and cheerful as these headphones appear, so is their sound: lively, full, dynamic, daring. But also neutral and relaxed - very different depending on the model. Spirit Torino's declared goal is to play music through headphones in such a way that it is as close as possible to the live event. Personally, I don't have much to add to that. You just have to try it out yourself.

Spirit Torino does not make headphones for everyone. Some will love it, others will not. Character and individuality are clearly in the foreground: Each model can be individually customized with different colors, designs and a myriad of headbands.

In one of the next blogs I will go into more detail on the sound properties of individual models. One thing is certain: It is worth testing it yourself!

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