Ein Traum wird wahr - unser neuer Showroom!

A dream comes true - our new showroom!

We have finally made it and fulfilled a long-held dream:
Our own showroom in which we can present our products appropriately and, above all, receive our customers appropriately! 😊😍

I am particularly proud and grateful that we now have such a loyal and great customer base, because without you, our valued customers, none of this would have been possible. So at this point a very warm 

Thank you, Merci, Grazie & Thank you!


Test & Exchange

Our showroom is not a classic store. Instead, it should offer the opportunity to test products in a comfortable atmosphere and exchange ideas about our shared hobby. We would also be happy to have a nice cup of coffee or tea, because we want you to feel completely at home with us!

Privacy & Customer Service

Another important aspect of our showroom is of course privacy. We don't have opening hours, but make individual appointments with our customers so that we can concentrate fully on you. Of course it will be possible to drop by spontaneously after calling us...

Meetups - bringing people together

I've been wanting to hold audio meetups for a long time and that's finally possible with the showroom. We don't have the space for larger groups, but meetups with up to 10 people should work great.

Those interested can exchange ideas about their hobbies and of course try out products.


Our new showroom is located in Küsnacht near Zurich. We will be happy to provide you with the exact address upon request.


To give you a small impression of what the whole thing looks like, here are a few photos... (Since we can only show a selection of devices in the showroom, we will change this exhibition from time to time)

Audio Essence ShowroomAudio Essence ShowroomAudio Essence ShowroomAudio Essence ShowroomAudio Essence ShowroomAudio Essence ShowroomAudio Essence Showroom


We hope that we can welcome you personally in our showroom soon and are already looking forward to exciting discussions!


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