VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier
VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier
VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier
VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier
VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier
VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier
VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier

VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 - High-end headphone amplifier

CHF 1,899.00

Delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks

The headphone amplifier for excellent music enjoyment

The Violectric HPA V340 is a high-end headphone amplifier for sound lovers. The new model offers the brilliant circuitry of its big brother V550.

This makes the HPA V340 ideally suited to ideally power any headphone design and driver technology. With high output voltage and high output power, both low-impedance and high-impedance headphone types can be operated effortlessly - even magnetostats are no problem for the Violectric HPA V340.

The pre-gain circuit typical of Violectric also allows the level of the amplifier to be adjusted to the preferred headphone model for the perfect symbiosis of amplifier and driver. Developed and manufactured in the German factory with first-class components, the HPA V340  impresses in every respect.

Analog inputs, stereo:

2x RCA unbalanced

Inputs can be switched on the front with switch

Headphone outputs:

2x jack 6.3 mm, unbalanced1x XLR 4-pin, female, balanced


Analog outputs, stereo:

1x RCA unbalanced 1x XLR male balanced

Outputs can be switched on the front with a switch (Head / Both / Line) on the back with a button (Line Pre / Post) -

Balanced headphone outputs

When listening to music through speakers, you are part of the auditorium. When listening through “normal” headphones, you take the place of the conductor. When listening with "symmetrical" headphones, you are part of the orchestra.

If headphones are operated symmetrically, the channel separation increases again. Balanced headphones usually have a 4-pin XLR connection or a Pentaconn plug. For true symmetrical operation, a lot of effort is required in the form of four built-in power stages.


The headphone amplifier is positioned between the music source and the headphones. The source can have different strengths and the headphones can have different sensitivity. The Lake People PRE-GAIN serves to compensate for these differences and optimize the headphone amplifier for every conceivable combination. This is reflected in minimal noise, lowest distortion factor and best channel equality.

The PRE-GAIN adjustment is located on the back of the Violectric HPA V340 and can be individually adjusted in 7 levels (-18, -12, -6, 0, +6, +12, +18 dB)

Perfect protection for the headphones

Various circuits protect the headphones from unclear operating states, direct voltage, excessive operating temperature and overload:

Delayed ON, Instant OFF

Any headphone amplifier causes interference while turning on and off. These interferences can damage the connected headphones. The headphones are connected to the amplifier with a delay via relays and the associated electronics and are immediately disconnected again after switching off. This protects the headphones themselves from the device electronics as long as no clearly defined conditions are to be expected.

DC Monitoring

The outputs are monitored for harmful direct voltage.As soon as a predefined value is exceeded, the headphones are switched off.

Overload Monitoring

The power consumption is constantly measured during operation. If predefined parameters are exceeded, the headphones are switched off.

Outstanding sound reproduction

The Violectric HPA V340 has been carefully designed to preserve audio fidelity in its purest form. Advanced audio technology ensures high-resolution and distortion-free sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum.

Whether you want to explore subtle nuances in your music or create precise mixes, this headphone amplifier allows you to hear every detail clearly.


The unique technology of Violectric

  • Least noise - thanks to a very small internal gain. This means that the amplifier's own noise is inaudible.
  • High output voltage - thanks to an internal 50 volt operating voltage. Therefore ideal for high-impedance headphones.
  • High output power - thanks to powerful amplifiers that can deliver far more power than even the most demanding headphones require. Therefore ideal for headphones with low impedances and magnetostats
  • High damping factor - due to lowest output impedance. Therefore ideally suited for controlling the most difficult headphones without any influence. The advantage of an uncompromising frequency response.


Violectric - The brand for music lovers

  • Violectric transports decades of experience and the high standards of professional Lake People products into the hi-fi world. Music lovers particularly appreciate the optimal integration options into their systems - from a convenient input section to gain control to digital interfaces with high-quality converter technology to broadcast standards.
  • The entire Violectric portfolio can be operated just as intuitively as the professional solutions. They also have the high-quality, hand-selected components in common.
  • In addition, Violectric products are integrated into an elegant housing, so that they cut a good figure in high-quality HiFi ensembles. The products of the niimbus series are dedicated to the highest optical and technical demands in this segment.



    • 1x Violectric HPA V340
    • 1x power cable
    • 1x operating instructions



    Item no.: 1007796
    Dynamics > 131 dB (Awtd)
    Dimensions 290 x 80 x254 mm (WxHxD)
    Output impedance < 0.15 ohms (unbalanced) / 0.3 ohms (balanced)
    Input sensitivity +6 dB
    Input impedance 10 kOhm
    Color black
    Housing Desktop
    max.Input level +21 dBu
    Noise < -103 dBu (A-wtd)
    Transmission range 6 Hz - 250 kHz (-3 dB)
    Crosstalk -105 dB (1 kHz) / -100 dB (15 kHz)
    Amp channels 2