Unique Melody UM MEXT - High-End Tribrid IEM
Unique Melody UM MEXT - High-End Tribrid IEM
Unique Melody UM MEXT - High-End Tribrid IEM

Unique Melody UM MEXT - High-End Tribrid IEM

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Unique Melody MEXT Review — Headfonics

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"Reviewing Unique Melody monitors is something I love to do and the MEXT certainly did not disappoint me.

The UM MEXT is a really nice IEM with a more fun approach, but it also has a good technical level. MEXT is always full bodied from top to bottom and the bass plays an important role in MEXT's tuning."

Unique Melody MEXT Review - Headfonia Reviews

Patented丨Unique Melody - MEXT

MEXT, a new high performance product, is launched by UM after years of technical research and development. The MEXT offers a revolutionary, breathtaking experience with the new bone conduction technology.

By combining dynamic, balanced armature and OBC coil bone conduction drivers, MEXT can reproduce sound through both air conduction and bone conduction, creating an all-encompassing sense of space and vibration.

Be it single or double sided bone conduction or the latest patented OBC technology, UM is always at the forefront of the HiFi industry. Such techniques can be mimicked, but the ultimate sound of UM is unsurpassed.

Unique Melody UM MEXT

1 Original Bone Conduction, 1 Dynamic and 4 Balance Armature drivers

The MEXT consists of 1 coil Original Bone Conduction, 1 Dynamic and 4 Balance Armature drivers. Characterized by smooth transition and rich sound, the OBC driver reaches a frequency range from 200 Hz to 7000 Hz with a sensitivity peak at 400 Hz and 79 m-N.

With the support of the OBC driver, the sound of the MEXT is powerful and even more impressive at low frequencies. Along with the perfect performance of the combination of dynamic and symmetrical armature drivers, the MEXT can be exact and precise or smooth and soft when the music calls for it.


OBC, the original sound wave system from UM

OBC, namely Original Bone Conduction, is known as coil bone conduction driver. Since the first generation of the MEST, UM has been the first audio company to apply bone conduction technology to high-end in-ear headphones, combining air conduction with bone conduction to achieve a unique sound experience and quality.

Unique Melody UM MEXT

Presentation of the OBC drivers

Consisting of high magnetic N52 neodymium magnet, high strength vibrating steel sheet and high purity copper coil, the OBC driver is manufactured with low temperature welding technology.

The high quality of neodymium magnet is made by continuous debugging and sifting. The coil bone transducer is lightweight, hardwearing and offers excellent sound conduction, which is reflected in its incredibly high yield, stability and accuracy. UM has an eye for detail so each OBC is superbly finished.

Scientific ergonomic design

The OBC driver is located inside the earphone, close to the ear bone. This gives MEXT the advantage that it immediately perceives the vibration of the sound wave. Moderate physical vibration, comfortable even when worn for a long time. Small and convenient to carry, the MEXT has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to adapt to different customers.


Custom headphone cable

MEXT is equipped with the UM Copper M1 cable manufactured by PW Audio. It's soft and exquisite.The black shells of the MEXT and the black shield of the M1 complement each other perfectly and ensure a concise appearance. The use of OFHC copper wires ensures a natural and smooth sound. Coupled with the instantaneous vibration of an OBC driver, the MEXT sounds mild, delicate and smooth.


The plugs are available in 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm.


  • Headphone Type: Coil Bone Conduction + Dynamic +Balance Armature
  • air line frequency bandwidth: 20Hz-23kHz
  • Vibration line frequency bandwidth: 200Hz-7kHz
  • Air line sensitivity: 108dB @1kHz
  • Vibration line sensitivity: @1kHz 5m-N | Peak @400Hz 79m-N
  • Crossover: 4-way crossover
  • Number of drivers: 6 drivers
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Configuration: 1 OBC driver with coil + 1 dynamic bass driver + 2 BA drivers for mid + 2 BA drivers for treble