Unique Melody Mason FS Nuit Étoilée - Flagship IEMs
Unique Melody Mason FS Nuit Étoilée - Flagship IEMs
Unique Melody Mason FS Nuit Étoilée - Flagship IEMs

Unique Melody Mason FS Nuit Étoilée - Flagship IEMs

CHF 8,499.00

Available April 2024. Can be pre-ordered now.

Mason FS Nuit Étoilée

The starry night.

Under a sparkling starry sky that whispers in your ears, experience the novel hybrid pressure bone conduction system, crafted with meticulous craftsmanship. Embark on a journey full of freedom and joy with Nuit Étoilée and discover new sounds and let vibrant colors blossom into artistic blossom.

Artisans combine their skills to preserve their craft. Driven by the desire to pursue beauty through unwavering perseverance, they permeate the styles with the palette of music, composing under the heavenly canopy. Nuit Étoilée leaves you with a romantic night decorated with stars.


Nuit Étoilée, also known as The Starry Night, is a tribute to the famous Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Willem van Gogh. The shell of this masterpiece reflects the vibrant colors of Van Gogh's famous painting, accurately reproducing the texture and spirit of the original work.

Under a star-studded night sky, a realm of limitless freedom and imagination unfolds. Each Nuit Étoilée artfully depicts the movements and changes of the starry night, presenting a symphony of different textures and colors.

Using CNC technology, the Starry Night is brought to life in three-dimensional splendor. This harmonious fusion allows art to dance in harmony with music and overcomes the boundaries of time and space.


BC-Turbo Micro Booster + Frequency Shifting Bone Sound Transducer

Since UM introduced the world's first single-vibration piezoelectric HIFI IEMs in 2019, the concept of bone conduction has generated continued enthusiasm among customers.

Over the past five years, UM, as a pioneer in bone conduction technology, has tirelessly researched and introduced various patented bone conduction drivers. These innovations include double-sided bone conduction, OBC coil-based bone conduction, silver-palladium alloy bone conduction, and frequency-shift-enhanced piezoelectric bone conduction.

Improving the technology of bone conduction drivers themselves has proven difficult , because there are limitations in terms of process, size, internal structure and installation volume.

Major improvements at the driver level are almost impossible to achieve. Since the development of frequency shifting bone conduction, we have recognized the need to go beyond the individual driver level and focus on a system level approach to provide a dedicated electroacoustic system for bone conduction drivers.

In the Over the last two years we have been looking at different solutions and experimenting with different materials. The result is the BC-Turbo Micro Booster. This revolutionary booster transforms bone conduction from a single acoustic driver into a comprehensive electro-acoustic system that achieves a remarkable 20x stable audio signal amplification.

Unique Melody Mason FS Nuit Étoilée

The BC-Turbo Booster features a high-precision, ultra-thin frame with a thickness of only 0.15 mm. By maximizing the winding area in the smallest, controllable space, we ensure high conversion efficiency.

The BC-Turbo Booster has a 20x conversion ratio in the primary stage, which leads to a significant amplification of the audio signal. The use of the ultra-high magnetic circuit transfers the energy of the primary stage efficiently and losslessly, driving the audio load robustly.

FreqShift bone conduction driver vibration test curve (green)

Vibration test curve of the FreqShift bone conduction driver + BC-Turbo Micro Booster (red)

The BC -Turbo Micro Booster is characterized by its compact size and powerful driving energy. The BC-Turbo Micro Booster was developed specifically for the FreqShift bone transducer and therefore stands out from conventional booster systems on the market.

As shown in the figure, by installing the BC Turbo Booster into conventional bone conduction, the oscillation frequency of the bone conduction is significantly increased and thus its performance is optimized. Rigorous testing has shown a significant improvement in sound quality when the BC-Turbo Booster is combined with the FreqShift bone transducer.

Compared to standard bone conduction systems, this hybrid bone conduction system provides unprecedented sound penetration and coherence. The addition of a small motor improves the rhythm, making it more rhythmic and giving the sound a textured quality.

FreqShift bone conduction driver and frequency shift technology updates

Frequency Shifting Technology

Human hearing normally ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz, with reduced sensitivity to sounds below 20 Hz and above 20 kHz. Frequency shift technology adjusts the resonance point of the device to 20 kHz, improving the sensitivity in the original application environment and optimizing the mixed audio effects in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz.

The FreqShift bone conduction driver, a novel creation of UM tailored to the frequency range of human hearing, is evolved from dual-side bone conduction and coil-like bone conduction. By using high-temperature palladium conductive paste and a pure copper substrate, the resonance point is refined within 20 kHz. This refinement results in increased sensitivity, stability and vibration comfort.

FreqShift bone conduction driver diagram

FreqShift bone conduction driver virtual effect

Perseverance and Perfection

Unique Melody's engineers have developed, through repeated experiments, rigorous calculations, tuning and listening sessions, a hybrid bone conduction system that combines a BC-Turbo Micro Booster and a FreqShift bone conduction driver.

The results of years of development and intensive research have produced a unique masterpiece for the next generation of the Mason series, where inspiration and action complement each other.

New flagship cable

The new First Times Shielding Pro headphone cable is a cable specifically designed for the Mason FS flagship. The First Times Shielding Pro improves the listening experience with a quieter background, more vibrant highs and a fuller sound compared to the First Times cable.

By using a novel ultra-high pressure copper material as a conductor and the high-quality Shielding Pro structure, this cable builds on the foundation of the First Times and improves the shielding effect through four independent shielding layers.

The result is natural sound with highly restored details, complemented by enchanting vocals, thrilling dynamics and an expansive soundstage. Immerse yourself in music that becomes even more distinctive under the starry sky.

Gogh Bag leather bag

The Gogh Bag leather bag is crafted from a range of exquisite leathers including Italian shoulder leather, Italian cowhide and Indian chrome tanned leather.

For the yellow segment of the case, Italian shoulder leather is used, which is known for its high hardness and scratch resistance. The navy blue part is made of Italian cowhide leather, valued for its soft and supple texture. Both leathers are manufactured by the respected Italian leather manufacturer "CONCERIA IL PONTE" with the greatest care and using their own methods. The leather surface undergoes a special treatment to ensure a smooth texture, stain resistance and a slow aging process.

The deep blue leather of the case is made from Indian chrome-tanned leather, known for its bright color and soft texture. With a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm, the case is particularly durable and robust.

The symbolism of the Gogh Bag leather case

The predominant colors of the Gogh Bag leather bag are Shades of blue and purple complemented by a golden moon. A swirling mist that features a distinctive design gives the bag a unique touch. Inspired by the masterpiece Starry Night, the bag's design combines the curling mist with the calm, deep blue, creating a contrasting tone. In this emotional world, the colors become a canvas on which the artist's voice is expressed.

Portable HIFI

This versatile bag was designed specifically for HIFI lovers designed and has multiple compartments that can accommodate DAPs, headphones, Bluetooth devices, cell phones and much more. With its multifunctional design, it serves as a single bag for multiple purposes.


  • Mason FS Soleil Tombé
  • BA + BC-Turbo Micro Booster & FreqShift bone conduction driver
  • 13 Driver
  • 2-pin socket
  • 23Ω
  • 20Hz-40kHz
  • 5-way switch
  • 4 bass drivers + 4 mid drivers + 2 mid-treble drivers + 2 treble drivers +1 BC-Turbo Micro Booster & FreqShift bone conduction driver
  • UM's First Times Shielding Pro Red Custom Cable

Scope of delivery

  • Mason FS Soleil Tombé IEMs x 1 pair
  • UM's First Times Shielding Pro Red Custom Cable
  • Gogh Bag Leather Case, Shell Case, Oval Clamp, Ring Clamp,UM Purple Canvas Tote Bag,Warranty Card,Changeable Filter, High-Grade Cleaning Cloth,
  • Care instructions for headphones, headphone cable and leather case
  • AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec SS | MS | M
  • UM silicone earplugs S | M | L