Unique Melody Mason Fabled Sound - Hybrid Flagship IEM
Unique Melody Mason Fabled Sound - Hybrid Flagship IEM
Unique Melody Mason Fabled Sound - Hybrid Flagship IEM

Unique Melody Mason Fabled Sound - Hybrid Flagship IEM

CHF 5,999.00

delivery time approx. 2 weeks

Introduction of "Mason Fabled Sound"


  • Detailed Monster
  • Instrument separation
  • BCD latest generation for great slam
  • Stunning visuals

"It is a detail monster and great at instrument separation, I enjoy to hear some choir or side voices more clearly on many songs. The bass are definitely better than the Traillii, so it helps enjoying a larger library. " - Women

"Unique Melody is offering, what I believe, the next chapter for iems and possibly the future of audio." - bigbeans

Unique Melody Mason Fabled Sound Special Edition | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org

Hybrid design

12 traditional BA drivers + dBC-s 5-way crossover

The Mason Fabled Sound features 12 balanced armature drivers and a dBC-s Dual Sides Bone Conduction System. We used custom-built, large-format BA drivers, which have significant advantages in soundstage size and distortion control.

The bone conduction system helps refine the entire frequency range by adding weight and density to the sound. This guarantees that the Mason Fabled Sound can deliver an exceptionally natural and realistic sound.


MASON FS uses a double-sided piezoelectric bone conduction driver. The driver is located between two carrier plates. In the center of the driver is the vibration plate, which has a ceramic coating on both the front and back.

MASON FS BA+ Bone Conduction - Wider frequency response, higher sensitivity.

The bone conduction driver now shares a larger conduction area with the shell (double-sided conduction with the shell), which significantly increases transmission efficiency and sensitivity.
The dBC-s has an effective frequency response of 500Hz to 20kHz, allowing for refinement of the entire frequency spectrum.

Bone Conduction Working Principle

The bone conduction drivers consist of metal vibrating pieces covered with piezoelectric ceramics. The ceramic layers bend the metal vibrating pieces to generate micro-vibrations according to the changes in AC input voltage.

Bone conduction and air conduction for a more immersive listening experience

The sound of bone conduction

When we eat a cookie, we hear it crack because the vibrations are transmitted through our teeth and skull to our inner ear. Bone conduction sounds can be heard when we eat, drink, or scratch our heads.

Early application

Ludwig van Beethoven, the famous 18th-century composer who was almost completely deaf, discovered bone conduction. Century, who was almost completely deaf, discovered bone conduction. Beethoven found a way to hear the sound of the piano through his jawbone by attaching a stick to his piano and squeezing it with his teeth.

Path: AV signal-bone conduction driver-cranial-cochlear-acoustic nerve

MASON FS (Fabled Sound) stabilization process

The stabilization process is complicated because it involves pouring resin and solidifying wood, two important sub-processes. This involves extracting the air from the wood, leaving it in a vacuum, and injecting resin into the wood.

Final trimming tooling requires a unique mold-inking process. Pressing involves constant pressure being applied in a pressure chamber to remove the bubbles from the resin. Ultimately, the finished product is a high-density, consummate craft.

CNC Numerical Precision Machining

CNC is a very complex process that requires great precision. In the production process, the cutting depth and cutting diameter must be calculated very precisely. The calculation results directly affect the final result.

Cable: UM Attila-Black Fiber

  • Coating material: PVC shielding and nylon protective jacket
  • Cores material: OCC copper wires and insulator
  • Wire gauge: 26 AWG
  • Number of wires: 4 wires and 4 layers of insulation
  • Sound power: High
  • Softness: Medium
  • Anti-interference: Strong
  • Level: Superior
  • Environmental friendliness level: High

UM Attila cable is manufactured by PWAudio, a Hong Kong-based audio cable manufacturer. The cable was developed with maximum performance utilization. At the same time, it meets ergonomic and eco-friendly standards.

The cable is made of OCC copper, PVC shielding, nylon protective sleeve, metal Y-splitter and chin slider, 2-pin flush sockets, 4.4mm connector.

The Shielding Edition has four conductors and four independent shields. A 5 polarity design is used that includes left positive, left negative, right positive, right negative and ground. The ground wire is for isolation purposes only and is independent. Independent shielding reduces external and internal interference, resulting in darker GE background and better GE resolution.


  • Product Name: Mason Fabled Sound Special Edition
  • Headphone Type: BA+ Bone Conduction
  • Number of drivers: 13 drivers
  • Sensitivity: @1kHz-116dB
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-35kHz
  • Socket: 2-pin socket
  • Shells: Prestige Stabilized Material + Resin
  • Crossover: 5-way crossover
  • Impedance: 19Ω
  • Configuration: 4 bass drivers + 4 mid drivers + 2 mid-high drivers + 2 high-frequency drivers + full range bone conduction driver
  • Cable: UM Attila Custom Cable

Packaging and Accessories

  • Headphones: A pair of MASON FS (Fabled Sound)
  • Cable: UM Attila Custom Cable
  • Case: UM "ESP" Double Drawer Black Gift Box
  • Carrying Bag: Dignis Turquoise Leather Bag
  • Warranty Card: Warranty Card
  • Other: Gray Premium Cleaning Pad
  • Eartips: AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec SS/MS/M+ COMPLY SM/MG/LG+Silicone S/M/L
  • Storage bracket: Storage medium