Supra Cables Sword Excalibur Rhodium ISL RCA
Supra Cables Sword Excalibur Rhodium ISL RCA
Supra Cables Sword Excalibur Rhodium ISL RCA

Supra Cables Sword Excalibur Rhodium ISL RCA

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Sword-ISL Rhodium

Our best analog interconnect cable ever, Supra's flagship. Sword-ISL Rhodium is a pair of rhodium-plated Supra RCA-8 anniversary connectors designed for single-end analog applications.


SUPRA Sword Interconnect - Rhodium Edition

The success of the Sword Excalibur speaker cable gave us the idea to develop a connection cable based on the same patented concept. The cable works as a perfect signal carrier without the side effects of traditional cables, which have serious problems with frequency response and phase shift.

Sword maintains signal integrity with almost immeasurable deformation due to our freedom and ability to master the electrophysical layout. The Sword series is hard to beat regardless of price. The Rhodium edition is available with unbalanced RCA connectors and later this year also with balanced XLR connectors.

How does that sound?

Supra Sword doesn't sound at all. Supra Sword transmits the complex music signal consisting of an infinite number of sine waves and an infinite number of levels without causing any distortion between the output of the source and the input of the receiver. No part of the music suffers a delay (phase shift), which is why the timing of the individual tones before and after is exactly the same.

If every other hi-fi device in the system is able to reproduce the timing and sound preservation of the recordings just as correctly, the speaker placement and the acoustics of the listening room are optimal, the result is so vivid that you can really feel I can imagine being in the studio with the musicians.

The sword's lack of electrical properties ensures complete transparency. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish a transparent cable from a cable with an obvious "sound lift" that emphasizes certain notes. But you quickly notice this when every album in the music collection has the same sound style and not the unique signature of each album/melody.


The figure illustrates the structure of the cable. In each polarity conductor there are twelve individually insulated strands that form two layers. The inner six strands are spun around an inner core and have a high pitch in one direction, the outer six strands in the opposite direction, separated from the inner layer by an extruded insulating layer. This alignment of the strands effectively counteracts any undesirable electrophysical properties, so that all audible frequencies are evenly distributed inside and there is no open window through which harmful noise could penetrate. The music is passed through sounding exactly the same. This is what characterizes a completely transparent cable.




  • Cross-sectional area: 1.5 / 15 mm2/AWG
  • No. Cond 2
  • Wires / Cond 6 + 6
  • Wiring. Enamelled OFC
  • Insulation: PE
  • Shade cover: aluminum/Pet foil, 100%
  • Sheath: PVC crystal
  • Ext. Size: 8 (mm)

Electrical power

  • Resistance 33 ohms/km
  • C 0.14 (pF/m)
  • Phase shift. 0.5-100kHz: 0.96°.
  • Phase error 0