Supra Cables LoRad power strip MK III - EU version with filter & surge protection
Supra Cables LoRad power strip MK III - EU version with filter & surge protection
Supra Cables LoRad power strip MK III - EU version with filter & surge protection

Supra Cables LoRad power strip MK III - EU version with filter & surge protection

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Supra Cables LoRad power strip MK III

  • 100% shielded aluminum housing
  • Gold-plated earthing contact sockets
  • Internal wiring LoRad 3 x 2.5 mm²
  • Supra NIF filter noise filter
  • Multi-path surge protection
  • Connection via IEC-320 built-in plug according to IEC-320
  • 10 or16 amp ceramic fuse

Supra power distribution block, consisting of EU sockets complying with European standards, excluding UK, Ireland, Belgium and Italy.The input connection is a 10 Amp chassis plug conforming to the international standard IEC-320, i.Hthe same for most electrical multimedia devices with detachable power cord including ground wire.It features a 10 amp fuse and non-intrusive filtering (NIF) and triple surge protection.

Requires an optional input power cord that can be prewired by a suitably qualified person.Requires a Supra 3 x 1.5mm2 or 3 x 2.5mm2 Lorad mkII cable, available in custom lengths, and a Supra SWF-10s connector.Finally, the good quality connector you need should be purchased from a local dealer who specializes in powering mains electricity.Note - Make sure the plug has grounding prongs and that the wall outlet is also grounded to earth potential.If desired, all detachable cables of the devices in the hi-fi or multimedia system can be replaced with corresponding Supra Lorad MkII cables in order to achieve maximum noise reduction and the lowest possible noise floor.

Contact your local Supra dealer for further assistance.

SUPRA NIF transient filter

All models feature Supra NIF (Non-Intrusive Filtering), an efficient radio frequency (RFI) transient filter.It is designed and configured to efficiently reject RFI interference, but not to dampen fast charge requests from connected devices' power supplies.Supra NIF was developed by Ben Duncan Research in England.

3-way overvoltage protection

The SP models are all equipped with the Supra surge protection, which protects all three ways, i.HVoltage to Ground, Neutral to Ground and Voltage to Neutral.The manufacturers of standard surge protective devices believe that it is sufficient to provide protection only between voltage and neutral and that they do not protect against overvoltages in the field caused by direct lightning strikes.The only way to protect your devices better than Supra SP is to completely cut off mains power, connection lines and communications with neighboring devices.Unfortunately, thunderstorms don't follow a schedule, so next time you might be at work.

All filters and guards require a grounded AC outlet to function.If your multimedia and hi-fi equipment is of a certain standard, they probably need a ground connection themselves and use an IEC-320 socket for detachable power cords.If this is what your equipment is made of and you do not have a grounding terminal in your wall outlet, we recommend that you contact your landlord and/or an electrician to arrange for a grounding connection.This will no doubt increase both sound quality and security for your devices.

Supra LoRad shielded power blocks in aluminum housing

The Supra power blocks are shielded and emit only small amounts of electrically generated fields thanks to their aluminum housing, which is connected to the earth potential.The conductive chassis shunts the internal noise to ground and also prevents neighboring RFI and other harmful fields from entering the distribution block.The distribution block must be plugged into a grounded wall outlet with a grounded power cord in order to function properly.The power cord that connects the distribution block to the wall outlet and the power cords to each device should also be shielded for maximum noise attenuation/immunity.We recommend our Supra LoRad Mains Flex as the best alternative to combine with our distribution block.If you are new to mains power shielding and filtering, you will no doubt notice the difference.

The stray field of the mains cable supplied as standard to most multimedia devices can be clearly detected with our Supra AC detector; http://www.jenvingcom/products/view/ac-sensor-110-230v-1071100026 Simply touch the AC Detector's white tip to the supplied power cord and you will hear a warning and see the tip quickly flicker red to detect radiating fields from the AC power to display.Now switch to a Supra LoRad power cable and touch the cable with the tip.This field is contagious and will add a 50-60 hertz superimposed signal to all nearby interconnects.Imagine what a power cord like this can do to a subwoofer connection; the subwoofer plays a constant line frequency tone superimposed on the music or movie signal.Efficient shielding is one of Supra's most important design features.You've earned the right to just hear the music!



Time and again we hear about creative alternative ways of arranging a ground connection when the wall socket does not offer one.We would like to highlight one of them as particularly dangerous and hope that this explanation does not serve as another creative possibility.Occasionally, the water heaters were connected to the hi-fi equipment cabinets or to a mains distributor earthing contact plate.