Supra Cables LoRad MK II power cord - EU plug straight
Supra Cables LoRad MK II power cord - EU plug straight
Supra Cables LoRad MK II power cord - EU plug straight
Supra Cables LoRad MK II power cord - EU plug straight

Supra Cables LoRad MK II power cord - EU plug straight

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Supra Cables LoRad MK II power cord max.16A with SW-EU plug straight

  • Shielded LoRad MK II power cord
  • Cable cross-section 3 x 2.5 mm²
  • SWF-16 (IEC-320) female connector
  • Male connector SW-EU straight
  • Rated current max.16 amps
  • Rated voltage 250 volts

Hifi Choice

Shielded cable set consisting of Supra LoRad 3 x 2.5 mm2 cable, Supra SWF16 socket (IEC-320) and Supra SW-EU plug straight.The current carrying capacity is 16 amps in continuous operation.The EU version with a Schuko plug is the most common standard in Europe.Exceptions are Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and Great Britain.Fits our LoRad power distribution blocks rated at 16 amps.

Supra LoRad Cable Sets - Safe, low-noise power cord with Supra Lavish 24K gold-plated connectors

LoRad stands for Low Radiation and the design of these power cords minimizes both electric and magnetic alternating fields.Give your hi-fi equipment the most welcome benefit of all, the ability to be quiet when they're meant to be.Only then do the smallest details and tones become clearly audible, and the background of the time-delayed reflections, whether real or artificial, that constitute the recording's acoustic environment reveal the full soundstage to the conscious hi-fi enthusiast.Transferred to the world of home theater, only the film shows, not the artifacts or noise that comes from the multitude of electrical appliances found in most modern homes.

LoRad protects both against alternating fields that radiate from the cable and against the absorption of airborne sound fields from the environment, e.g.Bfrom cordless and mobile phones, WiFi, radio and TV broadcasts, etc.LoRad MkII is an evolution of the LoRad concept, now with improved shielding, flexibility, flex/fatigue resistance and strength.

In addition to the physical shielding built into the cable design, the cores are spun at a short distance, which counteracts the alternating magnetic field that, according to the physical law of inductance, always surrounds a live wire.This measure also reduces the absorption of incident interference fields.

The advantages are less noise picked up by the cable, less noise caused by the cable itself, and less noise emitted by neighboring cables such as e.g.BLow-level connections, infected.You'll notice cleaner sound, more pronounced transients, richer fine details, a smooth background, and improved 3D imaging.When your equipment is installed with Supra cables and connected in-phase with the power cords, the noise floor is typically suppressed by several dB, allowing much more of the content to be heard.This is of course even more true for high definition media lovers, where the large amount of extra detail quality often comes at the price of four times the amount of data, which ultimately hardly matters if all that extra is lost en route to the ears or eyes.Low-radiation cables are also becoming increasingly important from a health perspective.Science has proven that alternating magnetic fields affect cell growth.

The LoRad MkII now includes Supra's unique carbon/nylon shielding concept.The semi-conductive carbon/nylon shield is characterized by improved properties, flexural strength, insensitivity to environmental influences, higher tensile strength and lower microphonics.The carbon/nylon shield is connected to a drain wire along its entire length, which efficiently directs noise trapped in the shield to ground.We have tested and evaluated all known types of shielding to make as good a cable as possible.Supra's semi-conductive carbon/nylon shield was the only one that met the stringent safety requirements and also had the best shielding properties anywhere.LoRad MkII has been tested and certified by Intertek Sweden and meets European safety standard HD21.5S3.


Features and Benefits

  • LoRad stands for low radiation of electrical and magnetic alternating fields and keeps you and your family free from harmful influences
  • The shield protects your devices from radiated networks and HF recordings and allows you to enjoy the full potential of your hi-fi system or television
  • The twisting of the conductor cores with short spacing cancels out the alternating magnetic fields and does not infect neighboring connections with feedback
  • LoRad ensures cleaner sound, better picture and a healthier living and working environment with less exposure to harmful fields
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Made in Sweden!


The cable must be connected to a wall socket with a ground connection in order for the LoRad effect to be fully effective.


Time and again we hear about creative alternative ways to make a ground connection when the wall outlet doesn't have one.We would like to highlight one of them as particularly dangerous, and we hope that this explanation does not serve as another creative possibility.Occasionally, the water heaters were connected to the hi-fi equipment cabinets or to a mains distributor earthing contact plate.This works normally from an electrical point of view.Up to the point at which one of the devices is defective and the cabinet is charged with the mains voltage of the socket.The water heating system may not be properly grounded to earth potential.This means there may not be enough fault current flowing through the water lines to blow the fuse and shut down the faulty appliance.It also means that most plumbing and radiators are powered from the mains voltage of the wall socket.In an apartment building, every neighbor has potentially deadly voltage in their radiators.You don't see it.until zBsmall children touch the radiator.We strongly advise against making the ground connection in any way other than local electrical safety codes and regulations.