Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition - Audio Essence
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition - Audio Essence
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition - Audio Essence
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition - Audio Essence
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition - Audio Essence
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition - Audio Essence
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition - Audio Essence

Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE - Torino 1706 Edition

CHF 3,549.00

Delivery time approx. 2-3 weeks

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Open isobaric high-end headphones with twin drive Torino 1706 Special Edition

The "Twin Pulse Isobaric System" project patented by Andrea Ricci opens up a new scenario in headphone playback.

For the first time Isobaric double drive technology is used to obtain a motor unit with an exceptional performance package in terms of acceleration and control of the movement of the drives during the sound transient.

The open Hi-Fi Twin Pulse headphones offer playback linearity that is calibrated to isophonic curves (with the same sensitivity as the human ear) and can therefore be used as a reference tool for checking the acoustic reliability of a recording.

Twin Pulse does not interpret the sound, but reproduces it true to the original. It is therefore important to select the components of the playback chain in such a way that its qualities in terms of transparency and dynamics are fully exploited.


When Andrea Ricci designed the first Twin Pulse motor unit, he had only one goal in mind: to build the best dynamic headphones in the world. To achieve this, he had to address the biggest limitation of dynamic headphones: the settling speed.

Everything about these headphones is designed to maximize this aspect so that even the wiring cannot be swapped out as it is part of a delicate balance is. The Twin Pulse has character and demands the best from the other links in the audio chain.

To date, we have not yet been able to exploit the full potential of this design, because every time we raise the bar and come up with a new solution experiment, the Twin Pulse surprises us with an improvement that goes far beyond our expectations.


The naturalness with which a Twin Pulse masters music playback at realistic volume levels is so disarming that our customers were tempted to work directly with small single triode amplifiers that are intended to drive loudspeakers experiment - with impressive results.


The Twin Pulse never leaves you indifferent, its natural tendency towards rhythm captivates the listener and soon lets him bob his feet to the beat of the music.

The Twin Pulse prefers a passionate approach to music and takes the user on an overwhelming musical journey.


At Spirit, we consider customers a constant source of inspiration to follow on your path of musical refinement. We offer an upgrade service that has guaranteed our customers to keep their investment. The ongoing dialogue between the company and the customer has enabled us to introduce significant improvements such as the Alcantara Pad (R) and the VPS (Ventilation Pad System), which opens up a responsible My Fi that is an extreme project for the first time also for Makes it fully usable for non-professional users.

Technical specifications

  • TECHNOLOGY Twin Pulse Isobaric System
  • DRIVE 2x drives Spirit
  • CABLE LENGTH 2.2 m fixed welded to silver
  • IMPEDANCE 64 ohm
  • HEADPHONE TYPE Open circumaural
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 18-32,000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves
  • WEIGTH (without cable) 540 gr
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE 0 ° C to 50 ° C
  • PAD Leather / Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System

Torino 1706 Special Edition

The Torino 1706 Special Edition is reminiscent of the siege of Turin by the French in 1706. The defensive geometries take shape on the surfaces of these headphones and make them unique.

Andrea Ricci has extended experimentation to exclusive materials as well as laser engraving on curved surfaces and has achieved results that are particularly valued by collectors.

The Torino 1706 Special Edition also differs through an extended frequency response as well as sound optimizations that distinguish it from the standard edition.

Make it your own - colors and designs

You can choose from different colors and designs for all Spirit Torino models: the color of the housing and the color and design of the headband can be freely combined. So you can put together your own unique item.

If a combination is not directly available in the shop, please contact us by phone or email. We would be happy to help you get your own personal design.


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