Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs
Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs

Spirit Torino TWIN PULSE BERYLLIUM - High End IEMs

CHF 1,099.00
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Professional in-ear monitor

Our patented Twin Pulse scaled isobaric system becomes the power unit of the new professional range of in-ear monitors.


When Andrea Ricci designed the first Twin Pulse, he had only one goal in mind: to build the best dynamic headphones in the world, and to achieve that he had to deal with the biggest limit of a dynamic headphone: the speed of the Transients.Everything about this in-ear is designed to maximize this aspect.


A concentration of technology at the service of music
Twin Pulse is made entirely of aluminum and has a complex management of pressure flows through specially designed and filtered channels to ensure comfort and acoustic isolation.

A powerful motor is the secret of our headphones

You will hear your favorite music from a completely Italian perspective, characterized by a passionate, explosive and refined sound.

Our new high-performance drive is treated with Dynamat Tm against resonances and thanks to our Pad VSP, the Twin Pulse's transient response is very fast.

The complex isobar system of the Twin Pulse is recreated in miniature form in an aluminum structure that was milled from a billet using high-precision CNC machines.


The reference for mastering, post-production and live monitoring.

For the first time, isobaric dual drive technology is applied to an in-ear monitor to obtain a motor unit with an exceptional performance package in terms of acceleration and control of drive movement during the sound transient.

Twin Pulse provides playback linearity calibrated to isophonic Fletcher-Munson curves (with the same sensitivity as the human ear) and can therefore be used as a reference instrument for checking the timbre reliability of a recording.

Twin Pulse does not interpret the sound, but reproduces it faithfully. It is therefore important to select the components of the audio chain so that its transparency and dynamics can be optimally used.

Spirit Torino interprets in-ear monitor design with fundamental design cornerstones to achieve a level of performance comparable to our best traditional headphone systems.


In the Beryllium Twin Pulse IEM you will find only a single high-quality driver that consistently covers the entire audio range and offers you a naturalness rare for this type of product.

The Twin Pulse Motor Assembly consists of two identical 10mm micro drivers with powerful neodymium magnets and beryllium-treated diaphragms that work synchronously across the entire audio range, eliminating typical micro-acoustic problems and dangerous phase interference.


One of the acoustic advantages of our wideband in-ear monitor system over a multi-way system is the lack of a crossover filter.

This type of filter is responsible for passing to each speaker the portion of the audio range that falls under its purview and is heavily influenced by the quality of its components. Additionally, crossovers create complex overlaps of the same sound reproduced by different speakers, which our brain interprets as a reproduced sound rather than the sound of an actual event


Our inertial frame concept adapts to the world of in-ear monitors by optimizing the aerodynamics of the airflows that guide sound to our ears.

The design of the Sound Extractor has been optimized to minimize aerodynamic turbulence caused by the piston movement of the speaker's moving unit.

The frame of the new Beryllium Twin Pulse IEMs has been calibrated to have high resistance to dynamic stresses and sufficient mass to meet the requirements of an inert frame.

The anti-resonance treatment of the inertial frame is provided by a series of Texalium composite inserts.

The ventilated pad that has always characterized Andrea Ricci's acoustic designs is evolving into the Micro Ventilation Pad System.

In order to calibrate the complex interaction of the pressures generated in the acoustic chambers of the Twin Pulse system, it was necessary to redesign the microframe from scratch to allow the dissipation of the additional pressure when inserting the in-ear monitor into the ear.

The Micro VPS allows you to select different sound signatures according to your needs by changing the front filter.

In the included metal stand you will find three types of filters, marked gray for linear studio playback, red for playback with +3dB in the low range and black for playback with -3dB in the low range.


We designed a complete set of earplugs to meet our customers' taste, but the design sound is only with the memory foam earplugs.

The designer's word.

"When I thought about developing an in-ear monitor that would complement our flagship products, I had to deal with many issues associated with this technology. Perhaps the most insidious is the fact that the airtightness of different types of earplugs can change the sound of the design, creating an unfamiliar experience.

In return, this variance offers the enthusiast an additional parameter of sound adjustment.

But how can you guarantee the professional customer a reliable result?

After extensive experimentation, I decided to establish a fixed point: the design -Sound must be achieved with a high level of airtightness, which in this case consists of the memory foam eartips, which are offered in three sizes.

Thanks to this technology, they adapt perfectly to the geometry of our ear canal, filling the gaps and exerting uniform pressure on the cartilage of our ear, ensuring optimal comfort even during long listening sessions guaranteed."

Our in-ear monitors are tuned like a musical instrument

When you listen to the Spirit Torino headphones, you will immediately notice one thing: the naturalness of the sound.Many classical and jazz musicians contributed to the development of our headphones in order to compare the real sound with our binaural recordings

A listening committee made up of Spirit technicians, musicians and listeners regularly conducts side-by-side comparisons at Spirit-sponsored music events to ensure you are hearing a product dedicated solely to music and not the result of market research .

Spirit cabling is an integral part of the project

We pay a lot of attention to the development of the cables because they have a big influence on the final tuning of our headphones.

The delicate balance that allows you to hear the timbre of a Stradivarius or the tension of an eardrum has been fine-tuned over hundreds of hours of listening.


 In the box you will find two wiring harnesses of the same quality, but with balanced 4.4 jack and unbalanced 3.5 jack connectors, to which a 6.3mm jack adapter made to our specifications is added.

The packaging we designed for our new in-ear monitors includes an outer box with a magnetic closure that stores all accessories and cables, as well as a fine leather case that allows you to take your chosen set with you when you travel gain weight.

    TECHNOLOGY Twin Pulse isobaric System
    DRIVE 2x 10mm dynamic micro drives beryllium Spirit
    CABLE LENGTH 1.2m Litz 392 cores OCC silver-plated + 8 cores silver
    IMPEDANCE 16 ohms
    HEADPHONE TYPE In-ear monitor
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 14-33.000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves
    WEIGTH (without cable) 6 gr
    EFFICENCY 114 dB@1k HZ, 1mW
    TIPS Memory foam and silicone