Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence
Satin Audio ZEUS - Audio Essence

Satin Audio ZEUS - high-end cable with gold, palladium and silver

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The best: Zeus high-end upgrade cable

The brand new Satin Audio Zeus cable pays homage to the king of all other gods of Olympus. Borrowing from ancient Greek mythology, the Zeus is the most outstanding cable in the Olympus series. It features the finest materials and designs ever used in cable, namely the Geōmetria arrangement of precious metals in various sizes and bundles such as gold plated silver, silver gold alloy and palladium plated silver hybrid. Overall, they promise the most lifelike reproduction of sound that no cable ever achieves. One king should rule them all!

Based on the experience with the Pure Silver series and the finely crafted cables, Satin Audio decided to use three different materials in the Zeus cables in order to achieve a better sound achieve. These are gold plated silver, silver-gold alloy (99% silver + 1% gold) and palladium plated silver. Satin Audio has researched and selected the most appropriate ratio between these materials to maximize audio signal transmission.

The Zeus is made using SP-OCC technology (Superior Pure OCC) to obtain the purest silver with a purity level of 6N (99.99998%) and even 7N (99.999998% ) to generate, depending on the different batches. This is the highest purity of silver cable on the market to date.

The Zeus uses a larger 24AWG wire compared to our other smaller 26AWG cables. This change resulted in a massive improvement in sound and maximizes the audio signal transfer without making the cable too large.

In addition, the Zeus is used with the latest Satin Special Structures II, which are made of Satin Special Structures and Type 4 strands were developed. The result is that the new structure not only has properties similar to Type 4 strand, but also evolved into strand layers of Geōmetria:

The outer layer consists of stranded bundles of SP OCC gold-plated silver.
The next layer consists of a combination of silver-gold strands and palladium-coated silver and covers the Kevlar damping core. These strands inside have larger dimensions than those in the outer layer. That's why we can call them Geōmetria Multi-sized Stranded - Satin Special Structures II. Each inner and outer strand is covered with insulation to protect against oxidation. Finally, this structure also brings better efficiency.

Moreover, this SA insulation jacket has been upgraded to an advanced SA insulation II jacket with improved flexibility and transparency, making the cable look shinier and more eye-catching. This jacket has been intentionally designed to be soft and very comfortable throughout its lifetime, rather than becoming hard after contact with sweat like other cables on the market.

We use the best connectors on the Zeus. Our satin 2-pin/MMCX connectors are made of TeCu/PEEK and TeCu/Teflon, which increases conductivity by 45-93%. Meanwhile, the pins of other regular connectors are made of brass, with a conductivity of only 27%. For the connectors, we also use the best connectors for our flagship. Our 2.5mm/3.5mm plugs are made from Palladium plated ULTIMATE COPPER with a purity of up to 99.9%. It offers excellent conductivity and high-resolution sound.
Usually copper is weaker than brass, but our ULTIMATE COPPER has the same strength as brass And we use Pentaconn OFC 4.4mm, they are made of oxygen free copper. All 3 types of connectors 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm are Made in Japan, they have the highest conductivity, reach 100%-101% IACS. Meanwhile, other normal plugs are made of brass, with the conductivity of only 27%.

Almost anything is possible
Almost all conceivable connection variants are possible. If the variants you require are not listed, please contact us. We will do our best to source your dream cable.

Technical data
  • Length: 1.2m (other lengths available on request)
  • 24AWG
  • Superior Pure OCC material
  • Gilded silver | Palladium Plated Silver | Silver-Gold Alloy
  • Geōmetria Stranded Strand - Satin Finish Special Structures II
  • Kevlar Dampening Core
  • Premium SA Palladium Plated Copper 2.5mm/3.5mm and Pentaconn OFC
  • 4.4mm as standard connector.



"This is a really engaging, and punchy sounding cable and quite remarkable in terms of the excellent power it can deliver for a 4-wire. I have heard 22.5AWG cables a few years back with less clarity and openness despite the thicker gauge which is a testimony to the performance cable companies can now pull from increasingly complex materials."

Satin Audio Zeus Review

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"Strong build and quality finish, TOTL resolving power and sparkle, Outstanding low-end extension and dynamics."

Satin Audio Zeus Review – Complexity | The Headphone List

"Zeus is a bold yet remarkable output made from Satin Audio. Flagship cables tend to show vivid changes to your sound, though this could also lead the cable to be trickier to pair with an IEM In that sense, Zeus pervades into the IEM's sound outstandingly natural manner. In fact, I would put Zeus to be one of the top fives that maintains a beautiful harmony with a variety of IEMs with different sound signatures, all while bringing evident improvements to the sound."

Zeus Review

Satin Audio Zeus Review: Gentle, bold finesse - About Audio Reviews

"Noticeable impact in sound quality (depending on the IEMs paired)"

-Well-balanced, deeper lows and purer mid/highs
-Great consistency among different IEM matches-Slim and light despite its flagship tier/performance
-Reasonably priced for the performance
-High-quality leather case and straps

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