Satin Audio KRAKEN II - Audio Essence
Satin Audio KRAKEN II - Audio Essence
Satin Audio KRAKEN II - Audio Essence
Satin Audio KRAKEN II - Audio Essence
Satin Audio KRAKEN II - Audio Essence

Satin Audio KRAKEN II

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High-performance hybrid cable made of pure silver + copper

The Monster Series II has been further developed into an even more amazing version compared to the first series. Serious research and development has been carried out and as a result we have developed the more efficient and powerful structures. These improvements in structures produce better sound and maximize the signal transmission of the wires. In addition, the new SA insulation II on the wires, which is softer and more durable, ensures an even more user-friendly experience.

The Kraken II is made on the basis of SP-OCC (Superior Pure OCC) technology, to produce the purest silver and copper. In addition, the Kraken II is provided with the latest satin special structures, such as the flagship Athena, which was developed from type 4 strands. The result is that the new structure not only has similar properties to type 4 stranded wires, but also has some improvements:

Hybrid Central Bundle: The bundles are made of super-small strands, and instead of just a central kevlar cushioning core this kevlar core is now surrounded with strands. This structure helps increase durability, anti-vibration and signal transmission.

Different sized strands: Satin Audio uses different sized strands, each coated with an insulating layer, so that they are protected from oxidation and the signal transmission is maximized.

In addition, the SA Insulation jacket has been further developed into an advanced SA Insulation II jacket with improved flexibility and transparency, which makes the cable look even shinier and more eye-catching. This jacket has been purposely designed to be soft and very comfortable throughout the life of the product, rather than hardening after exposure to sweat like other cables on the market.

Connection variants

Almost anything is possible

Almost all conceivable connection variants are possible. If the variants you require are not listed, please contact us. We will do our best to get the cable you want.

Technical data
  • Length: 1.2m (other lengths possible on request)
  • 26AWG
  • Superior Pure OCC (SP-OCC)
  • SP-OCC Pure Silver | Silver-plated copper | Pure copper
  • Satin-finished special structures
  • Multi-wire strand type 4 strands
  • Hybrid middle bundle - Kevlar cushioning combined with pure copper braid
  • SA insulation II
  • Oyaide SS-47 4.7% silver audio grade lot from Japan