Satin Audio Apollo - flagship cable made of silver, gold and palladium
Satin Audio Apollo - flagship cable made of silver, gold and palladium
Satin Audio Apollo - flagship cable made of silver, gold and palladium
Satin Audio Apollo - flagship cable made of silver, gold and palladium
Satin Audio Apollo - flagship cable made of silver, gold and palladium
Satin Audio Apollo - flagship cable made of silver, gold and palladium

Satin Audio Apollo - flagship cable made of silver, gold and palladium

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  • The industry's first palladized silver-gold
  • 26AWG+
  • Superior Pure OCC Silver Blend Palladized Silver-Gold OCC
  • Geōmetria Stranded Strands - Satin Finish Special Structures II
  • Kevlar cushioning core
  • Premium SA Palladium plated UCopper 2.5mm/3.5mm and Pentaconn OFC 4.4mm as standard connector
  • Personalize your Lyre Of Apollo Splitter with our Free Name Engraving Service

Connections - Almost anything is possible

With Satin Audio, almost all connections on the market can be implemented. If your desired connections are not listed, please write to us at: or call: +41 77 403 35 26)

Milestone of passion

With great ambition and passion to develop the best cables in the world that bring out the best in sounds and reveal the hidden treasures in every material, especially when you combine and mix them. The talented creators of Satin Audio have finally waved their magic wand and launched the new Apollo cable.
The Apollo marks a milestone in the cable industry as it is the first palladium-plated silver-gold OCC -Material discovered and used. Based on the experience of making the two bestselling Athena and Zeus, Apollo is a mix of pure silver and palladium plated silver-gold.

An indispensable detail to consider is the search for the most beautiful name that best describes this amazing new cable. Finally we come across the name of Apollo - the god of music. Apollo is credited with inventing the flute and the ancient lyre, which inspired the unique Apollo Shard.

This lyre-shaped splitter, with an exceptional and exquisite design, the result of many drafts and exclusive to the Apollo cable, is meticulously crafted from CNC anodized aluminum. These incredible lyre splitters will surely bring even more mythical colors to the Apollo cable.
By reference to the fact that the god of music and the lyre played an important role in the myth of the gods, the new Apollo cable becomes optimistic become must-haves in your audio gear history.

Put your own mark on "Your Unique Satin Cables", we offer the option to engrave your names, initials and numbers on the Lyre of Apollo Splitter , to make Apollo distinctive. Now Satin Audio Cables carry the owner's message and personality. The Apollo will always be the limited edition that you created yourself.

The Apollo is made on the basis of SP-OCC technology (Superior Pure OCC) to produce the purest silver. This is the purest silver cable ever made.

The extraordinary Satin Special Structure II, which has always been used exclusively for the flagship - the Zeus - is now officially used on the Apollo. It was developed from Satin Special Structures and Type 4 strands. The result is that the new structure not only has properties similar to Type 4 strand, but also evolved into strand layers - Geōmetria:

The outer layer consists of stranded bundles of SP-OCC material. The next layer is the combination of stands that cover the Kevlar cushioning core.These strands inside have larger dimensions than those in the outer layer, which is why we can call them Geōmetria Multi-sized Stranded - Satin Special Structures II. Each inner and outer strand is covered with insulation to protect it from oxidation. Finally, this structure brings the better efficiency for signal transmission, better attenuation.

Another notable highlight is the refurbished gauge structure of 26AWG+, with larger size at the same gauge but better signal transmission. The Medusa III has a significantly larger conductor cross section than the previous model Medusa II and offers an even better signal quality for audiophile setups.

The best conductive connectors

As a high-end product line , which focuses on optimizing signal transmission, each Perseus is equipped with the best quality plugs and connections. For the connectors, we use our specially developed Satin 2-Pin TeCu/PEEK and MMCX TeCu/Teflon with a very high transmission index, with an IACS of up to 93% compared to normal 27% brass IACS connectors from other brands.

Even when it comes to the connectors, Satin carefully selects the best connectors on the market, including the 2.5mm/3.5mm Satin socket made of palladized ULTIMATE copper (99.9% pure copper) for excellent transmission efficiency. Normally, copper is softer than brass, but ULTIMATE COPPER offers the same durability as brass despite its high purity.

We also use the 4.4mm connector from the famous Pentaconn brand, which is made of OFC copper. All 3 types of these 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm jacks are made in Japan and achieve an excellent transmission index of up to 100%-101% IACS compared to the usual 27% Other brand brass IACS connectors.