RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones
RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones

RAAL 1995 Immanis - Tripe Ribbon Flagship headphones

CHF 9,999.00

Available for pre-order. Available from June 2024


The Immanis increases the surface area of ​​the ribbons from 16.8 cm² to 25.2 cm², the shell diameter to 11 cm and the impedance to 0.057Ω (0.29Ω with the 1.8 m long Star-8 MkII headphone cable).

The maximum sound pressure level increases by 3 dB, the round auricle opening increases to 74 mm and the weight to 610 g. The grid is now gilded. In comparison, the Magna ribbons have almost 29% more surface area than the RAAL-requisite CA-1a driver, while the Immanis ribbons are almost twice the surface area of ​​the CA-1a and 1.45 times larger than that of the SR-1a/b.

Overall, Immanis offers 50% more surface area than Magna and has a larger anterior chamber. There are also differences in the details of the head spring, the seams of the headband and the included cables.


Immanis Package

  • Immanis headphones
  • RCD Interface / Stand: 32 Ohm standard (8 Ohm or VIVA Audio special on request)
  • Headphone cable: Star-8 MkII Silver (RCD Interface to Headphone) 1.8m (5'11") 
  • Interface cable: RCD-XLR (Headphone Amp to RCD Interface) XLR4/XLR4 1.5m (4'11") 
  • Case: (hard aluminum)

Immanis Only

  • Immanis headphones
  • Case: (hard aluminum)
  • For customers who already have the Star-8 headphone cable and a RAAL interface

Immanis Star-8

  • Immanis headphones
  • Headphone cable: Star-8 MkII Silver (RCD Interface to Headphone) 1.8m (5'11") 
  • Case: (hard aluminum)


WOH Heildelberg 2024 - BEST OF SHOW

"The RAAL 1995 headphones are still very new and this probably was one of the very first shows to have these available for auditioning. If you like the “old” Raal SR-1b headphone and the ribbon sound, then the RAAL 1995 Immanis with its triple drivers will blow you away. It's a very high-end headphone with a corresponding price tag (around $10k) but when properly driven, it simply is one of the very best headphones on the market (ever).

The speed, spaciousness, positioning, resolution, transients and so on, everything is simply superb. If you have big pockets and just want the best of the best, look no further. The Immanis is the headphone for you, a true end-game setup."

Blog: WOH Heidelberg 2024 Show Report - Headfonia Reviews


The connection to amplifiers is made via the RCD interface, which is equipped with specially developed toroidal transformers of the highest quality. The interface is designed in the style of a headphone stand. Toroidal transformers convert a voltage-controlled amplifier output into a current-controlled signal to control the ribbons.

Compatible amplifiers should have a low output impedance of less than 10mV DC offset and be suitable for driving loads of 32Ω or greater. For Type 300B and other tube amplifiers designed for loudspeakers, 8Ω or 16Ω are available upon request (at no additional charge).

The single impedance interface is intended to ensure compatibility with various head-fi amplifiers. Compared to older models, the Magna only requires 2.4 watts and the Immanis only 1.5 watts, allowing for higher efficiency and greater compatibility.

Suitable amplifiers, such as the Auris Headonia 10th Anniversary 300B or the Trafomatic Primavera with SV811-10, supply the interface with full power. The 100% conductivity of the ribbons enables precise control over the entire membrane, resulting in a quick response and impressive dynamics. The Xmax value of ±4 mm for the Raal 1995 foils is exceptional for headphone drivers.

The 115/118 dB SPL capability for Magna/Immanis refutes the fragile ribbon cliché and highlights the performance of these Serbian ribbon headphones for both consumer and professional applications. The curated amplifiers, including the new Auris amplifier, ensure the necessary performance and compatibility of the interface.

Technical data

  • Headphone model: IMMANIS 
  • Open-Back Circumaural
  • ventilated front chamber
  • True-Ribbon R³ Driver Headphones
  • IMMANIS-Ribbon Current-Drive Interface / Stand, RCD Interface 32 Ohm
  • Cable, headphones - STAR-8 MkII Silver 1.8m
  • Case, hard plastic waterproof



  • Configuration Complimentarily coordinated triple ribbon
  • Ribbon type Corrugated pure aluminum (True Ribbon) with Viscodamp™ "Silent Metal" viscosity damping
  • Surface 25.2 cm² (3.9 in²)
  • Deflection +/- 4mm (0.157 in)
  • Maximum sound pressure level 118 dB
  • Impedance 0.057Ω
  • Impedance with specialized HP cable 0.29Ω
  • Note: Cable connection XLR 4-pin, female. Do not make adapters and connect
    directly to amplifiers as this will destroy both the amplifier and headphones. Connect only to RCDI-32 or RCDI-8 or to a dedicated direct drive amplifier for RAAL headphones (HSA-1a/b/c, VM-1a)
  • Ribbon Current-Drive Interface (RCDI-32, RCDI-8):  Converts the low impedance of headphones and cable (0.29Ω) into an impedance usable for amplifiers (32Ω and 8Ω)
  • Configuration of toroidal transformer + special headphone cable (STAR-8, STAR-8 MkII)
  • Drive type Converts voltage drive from amplifier into current drive for ribbon
  • Supported amplifier type Voltage controlled amplifiers with low internal output impedance and a DC offset of less than 10mV
     Impedance loading the amplifier 32Ω nominal (8Ω by special order)
     Recommended amplifier power, RCDI-32 headphone amplifier from 2-6W or speaker amplifier from 8-25W at 8Ω
  • Recommended amplifier power, RCDI-8 speaker amplifier from 2-6W at 8Ω (SET or similar low power amplifiers for speakers)

 Headphone case:

  •  Housing material Fiberglass composite, aluminum
     Surface anodization, hard wax on American walnut veneer
     Grid Gold-plated 3-phase stainless steel, etched
  •  Head spring Brushed stainless steel with TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride) hard coating
  •  Headband Soft padding band, underside made of diamond-shaped stitched suede
  •  Height adjustment Gold-plated 5-position click stop
  •  Ear pads top: lambskin suede, filling: memory foam, inside: textile, outside: perforated sheepskin
  •  Input connectors High current gold plated 3.5mm TRRS sockets
  •  Weight without cable 626 g