PW Audio 1960s 4x - Supreme Level OCC copper cable

PW Audio 1960s 4x - Supreme Level OCC copper cable

CHF 1,999.00

Delivery time 2-3 weeks.


  • Sheath material: nylon sheath, PU insulation, Teflon sleeve
  • Conductor material: OCC stranded copper wire
  • Wire gauge: 26AWG
  • Number of leads: 4 positive leads and 4 negative leads
  • Termination: 4.4mm
  • Connector: 2PIN - 0.78mm


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"PWaudio has created two wonderful sounding copper cables with a unique design structure. Their sound improvements are indisputably there for me. The transparency of PWaudio's four-wire flagship is unrivaled and the way it portrays even the finest details is outstanding."

Review: PWaudio 1960s – Once you go black - Headfonia Reviews

"Whether Peter Wong set out to create this particular sound, or simply found it by trial and error - it's safe to say he achieved his goal. The sound created by his flagship cable does have the resemblance of a smooth nightclub club in the '60's."

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