PW Audio 1950s - Supreme Level OCC copper cable

PW Audio 1950s - Supreme Level OCC copper cable

CHF 2,299.00

Delivery time 2-3 weeks.


  • Jacket material: Soft PE
  • Conductor Material: Supreme Level OCC Copper
  • Wire gauge: 26awg as conductor and almost 24awg as shield
  • Number of conductors: 4 conductors and 4 shields
  • Termination: 4.4mm
  • Connector: 2PIN - 0.78mm


Unique Melody Mason Fabled Sound - Hybrid Flagship IEM – Audio Essence
"1950s: its strengths are bass, natural sound and dynamics.

The 1950 is a very special cable: it is not as engaging or fun as the Saladin or the 1980, it never adds color to the music and always tries to stay controlled, natural and full-bodied.

The bass on this model is great, it has a big and strong impact but always feels uncolored and natural. This model is a great match for classical music as it offers good instrument separation and layering.

The 1950s model allows you to easily locate the instruments in the scene. The natural bass impression contributes to a very dynamic presentation.

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