Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM
Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM

Plussound ALLEGRO "Launch Edition" - Flagship IEM

CHF 3,499.00

Delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks

Introducing ALLEGRO, our new all-purpose high-end in-ear monitor for audiophiles and musicians. Built from the ground up through years of research and development, ALLEGRO delivers a premium experience that sets new standards in design and sound.


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Plussound Allegro Review

PLUSSOUND Allegro Review — Headfonics

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"The new PlusSound Allegro is certainly a flagship IEM with TOTL technical performance and musical delivery. It performs better than I expected and presents a very musical sound with great body, balance and coherency. "

PlusSound Allegro Review - Headfonia Reviews

"To my big surprise, I was greeted with a textured dual dynamic-driver bass punch, clear detailed BA mids, and crisp non-fatigue quad EST treble, all wrapped in a big soundstage expansion. I was actually quite impressed with a mature level of sound tuning of these IEMs. "

PlusSound Allegro – Twister6 Reviews


ALLEGRO is a high-driver count headphone consisting of two 10mm dynamic drivers, six balanced armature drivers and four electrostatic drivers.

Each frequency is fine-tuned. The bass is balanced and well controlled. The mids are resolving and offer excellent detail reproduction. The highs are refined and articulated.

Overall sound quality is described as balanced with improved mid-high presentation for a very detailed and clean sound. Perfect for many music genres.

Plussound Allegro

Using 7-axis CNC machines used in the aerospace industry, we were able to mill thick aluminum into intricate and detailed designs for ALLEGRO.

Parts are carefully polished and anodized before being cryogenically treated to strengthen the material, increase scratch resistance and prevent internal damage from accidental falls.

With its dark bronze colored polygonal front panel and glossy black housing with diamond pattern, the design represents elegance and modernity.

Plussound Allegro

ALLEGRO comes with custom designed 2-pin 0.78mm tellurium copper connectors. With over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing connectors for high-end cables, we've implemented an industry-standard connection in our headphones that greatly improves durability, reliability, and conductivity.

Plussound Allegro

The drivers are precisely positioned using a 3D printed acoustic chamber and placed inside the headphone to ensure exact LR channel balance.

A newly developed internal wire called Copper XS, based on the larger PLUS (+) wires for cables, serves as the connection between the drivers to maximize conductivity and provide a more seamless and consistent overall performance.

High end cable

ALLEGRO comes with an exclusive curated Copper+ cable. All cables are designed and manufactured in-house using our own high quality materials. They feature custom UP-OCC wires to best match your new headphone, as well as a brand new two-tone Y-splitter, 2-pin rhodium-plated connectors and your choice of connector designed in-house.

Plussound Allegro

Available with the following connectors

2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS, Gold-plated 4.4mm TRRRS, Rhodium-plated 4.4mm TRRRS, 6.3mm TRS, 4-pin XLR, RSA/ALO, USB Type-C

Leather storage case

Functional, spacious and durable. The exterior is genuine leather with a gold plated metal zipper and black zinc handle for a premium feel and modern look. Inside it is made of soft and scratch-resistant felt material so that nothing is damaged.

The included insert is perfect for transporting your ALLEGRO or any headphones. Thanks to the extra wheel and spacious interior, you can wrap and transport almost any cable on the market, regardless of length and thickness. Best of all, the insert is removable should you wish to use the case for a portable audio setup or multiple headphone/cable sets.

The top pocket is made of thick polyester material for accessories like adapters, cleaning tools, SD cards and more.

Personal silicone earplugs

Medical grade silicone material designed for ALLEGRO and various IEMs ensures comfort and softness. The unique 1.6mm thick stem fits snugly in place and reduces sound hole coverage when installed to keep the sound linear and improve sound quality.

Available in sizes small, medium and large. Additional ear tips included

Symbio W Hybrid Eartips

Hybrid offers the best of both worlds: the superior seal of memory foam and the durability of silicone. The result is an uncompromising option for preserving the upper frequencies while forming a tighter seal that enhances the low frequencies. Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Comply Foam Tips

The Comply Foam Tips are made of viscoelastic foam that holds the earphones in the ear and ensures comfort. They improve noise cancellation so you can hear better at lower volumes and your ears are protected. Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Plussound Allegro

Scope of delivery

  • Allegro IEMs
  • Exo Series cables with Copper+ wires ($1050 value)
  • Leather storage case
  • Silicone ear tips (S,M,L)
  • Comply foam ear tips (S,M,L)
  • Symbio W hybrid earplugs (S, M, L)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Leather cable tie
  • Cleaning tool
  • Round sticker
  • Digital Jump Starter
  • Signed thank you card
  • 2 year warranty


  • Number of drivers / Twelve per side
  • Driver Design / Tri-Hybrid (Dynamic, Symmetric, EST)
  • Drivers used / Two 10mm dynamic drivers (for low and sub-low frequencies), six balanced armatures (for mid-low, mid and mid-high frequencies), four electrostatic drivers (for high and super-high frequencies)
  • Crossover / 6-way network
  • Driver organization / 3D printed acoustic chamber
  • Exterior / Polished, anodized, cryogenically treated aluminum faceplate, body and nozzle
  • Connector / Proprietary cryogenically treated 0.78mm rhodium-plated tellurium copper 2-pin with PEEK insulation
  • Internal Wiring / Copper XS (In-house developed, cryogenically treated Type 6 UP-OCC with proprietary PS insulation)
  • Impedance / 10 ohms @1kHz @1mW
  • Sensitivity / 112dB @1kHz
  • Frequency response / 10hz - 40kHz
  • Cables / In-house handcrafted cables using custom UP-OCC strands and in-house engineered materials including connectors, splitters, sliders and connector ends