oBravo Venus - Premium Planar IEMs
oBravo Venus - Premium Planar IEMs
oBravo Venus - Premium Planar IEMs

oBravo Venus - Premium Planar IEMs

CHF 999.00

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True Audio Enlightenment

Pure highs and rich, warm bass.

"The bass of Venus is, in one word: 'fat'. By that I don't mean thick or sluggish. What I mean is that the bass is exciting and authoritative, but also tight. It's a fun bass tune, but the quality is excellent and he has good control." #David Becker (Prime Audio)

The smallest planar driver in the world

oBravo's exclusive Planar Magnetic Driver technology. Planar Magnetic Driver technology uses an ultra-thin, film-like diaphragm to deliver exceptional sound quality with low distortion. Its unmatched performance makes it the perfect choice for audiophile enthusiasts.

Pure highs

Pure highs and rich, warm bass. Venus combines planar magnet drivers and neodymium motor magnets to present pristine highs and rich, warm bass. The exquisite design is designed to reduce distortion in low frequency reproduction and preserve the vivid realism and warmth in every musical note.

High-quality materials

Oxygen-free single crystal copper cable. The finest conductor material made of pure silver, gold-plated silver and single crystal copper offers you crisp highs, warm mids and deep bass. The cable is equipped with a removable connector and has a wide range of headphone jacks to meet all your needs.


Large-sized dynamic drivers enhance the bass response of the headphones.
Extravagant, lively and moving, Venus' optimal sound quality satisfies music lovers' pursuit of audio perfection.

This series uses large-sized dynamic drivers, to enhance bass response and deliver lifelike realism. Exquisite. Unadulterated.