Luxury & Precision W4 Flagship Dongle
Luxury & Precision W4 Flagship Dongle
Luxury & Precision W4 Flagship Dongle
Luxury & Precision W4 Flagship Dongle
Luxury & Precision W4 Flagship Dongle
Luxury & Precision W4 Flagship Dongle

Luxury & Precision W4 Flagship Dongle

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Luxury & Precision W4

The Dongle (R)Evolution

Luxury & Precision W4

"Performance Evolution" - It's all about the LP5108, the new in-house developed DAC from L&P.

"Tuning Evolution" - Sounds even better thanks to the LP5108 DAC.

"Performance Evolution" - Mobile + W4 > DAP ? The secret of "effective thrust"!

"Beauty Evolution" - 0 keys, 1 button, light texture, easy to use!

A powerful upgrade you've never heard on a mobile phone! The W4 is a dongle that achieves incredible performance on Apple and Android phones.

Great Sound / High Performance / Powerful UI / Versatile

Luxury & Precision W4

  • Multi-chip architecture, professional division of labor, low system power consumption
  • High thrust, "0" noise floor, "0" distortion
  • Upgradable firmware, various professional EQ and tuning firmware
  • 3.5mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced with SPDIF
  • OTG cable for TYPE-C and Lightning interfaces included, so you don't have to worry about matching your phone
  • Exclusive vote 2. 0
  • One-button operation, durable ALPS components, crisp, clear rotating sound

Product features

W4 LP5108 flagship core debut - Self-developed chip for good tuning

Luxury & Precision W4

With years of tuning experience, the chip was designed with multiple pre-programmed tuning current sources, giving you the flexibility to make a big difference.


Luxury & Precision W4

A new generation of tuning with the L&P core, both hard and soft.
TUNE 01: A more relaxed sound, with vocal-based modes like pop.
TUNE 02: A more refined sound, with a mode for complex tracks like symphonic.

Small "desk" boost

Luxury & Precision W4

More than 400mw @ 32 ohms, no less than an ordinary portable player, with far less than 0.01% distortion at this point.

Power consumption about 50% lower than W2

Luxury & Precision W4

The LP5108 chip enables the W4 to deliver lower distortion, higher dynamics and more thrust while consuming half the power of the previous flagship Tails - a boon for cell phone life-phobics.

Nx effective thrust

Luxury & Precision W4

0.5x W2 power consumption + 1.7x W2 thrust = nx effective thrust.

"Five-Zero" low distortion

Luxury & Precision W4

The LP5108's powerful "five-zero" tail brings back the true sound of the original.

Up to 134 dB dynamics in the entire range

Luxury & Precision W4

With "five-zero" low distortion and a dynamic range that puts portable players to shame, cell phone users can hear the music, too.

Excellent power supply

Luxury & Precision W4

HIFI is all about performance, and better performance design allows the W4 to realize the full potential of the LP5108 chip! Produce great sound, reduce device heat waves and reduce the effects of current limiting for a longer, better experience!

Better user experience = simple operation

Luxury & Precision W4

One-button operation, durable ALPS components and a crisp, clear rotary sound.

High gate FPGA dedicated to EQ processing

Luxury & Precision W4

Parallel DSP processing, near-lossless hardware EQ, and a wide range of professional sounds.

A wide range of professional sound enhancements

Luxury & Precision W4

From movies to games, Beyerdynamic Xelento to Shure 846, the L&P W4's professionally-enhanced sound has everything you need.

"0" noise floor

Luxury & Precision W4

So little circuit board, so much power, so little noise!

Apple or Android? No problem!

Luxury & Precision W4

The W Series comes with both a TYPE-C and Lightning OTG cable, so you don't have to worry about matching your phone.

SPDIF output!

Luxury & Precision W4

The new generation is "bundled" with a professional spdif output from L&P.

More interfaces, more combinations

Luxury & Precision W4

3.5mm interface PO/SPDIF, 4.4mm interface balanced PO.

Easy firmware upgrades, infinite possibilities

Luxury & Precision W4

Want more sound? YES!
Do you want to customize your headphones and earphones? YES!
Updates? YES!

Technical data

  • LP5108 multi-core DAC
  • Audio format (PCM): 16 / 24 / 32 bit bit depth / 44. 1KHz-384KHz sampling rate
  • Audio Format (DSD): Native DSD64 / Native DSD128 / Native DSD256
  • Screen: 0.91" monochrome OLED screen
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted 20HZ-20KHZ BW):
    Single-Ended: 131db
    Balanced: 134db
  • Dynamic Range (A-weighted 20Hz-20KHz BW):
    Single-Ended: 131db
    Balanced: 134db
  • THD+N (A-weighting @32Ω 20Hz-20KHz BW):
    Single-Ended: 0. 0003%
    Symmetrical: 0.00013%
  • THD+N (A-weighting @300Ω 20Hz-20KHz BW):
    Single-Ended: 0.00025%
    Balanced: 0.0001%
  • Output power (@32Ω THD+N<0.01%):
  • Input interface: Type-C USB socket
  • Output interface: 3.5mm headphone jack (unbalanced) / 4.4mm headphone jack (balanced)
  • Supported systems: IOS / OS / Android / WIN / linux
  • EQ: Normal / CLASS / JAZZ / ROCK / POP / BASS / MOVIE / GAME
  • SDF reconciliation: Normal / Xelento / IE800S / SE846 / IER-Z1R
  • Gain adjustment: Supports HIGH / LOW
  • Digital filter: FAST / SLOW / NOS / LL FAST / LL SLOW
  • HID button: Supports
  • SPDIF output:
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Dimensions: 63 x 24 x 12.5mm
  • Weight: 24g

Luxury & Precision W4