Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle
Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle

Lotoo PAW S2 - high-end USB dongle

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Compact and light but without compromises!


The PAW S2 is the successor to the acclaimed PAW S1 and features a groundbreaking new circuit design that is impressive despite its small size.

With the addition of the "Remote Control" function, the PAW S2 delivers a exceptional audio experience, no matter what you listen to and wherever you go, and
perhaps most importantly, in the most user-friendly way ever designed.

Powered by the now-legendary AKM4377 DAC chip and coupled with Taking advantage of Lotoo's full suite of advanced audio technologies, the PAW S2 has once again raised the portable bar for all compact USB dongle-style DACs.



"There is no denial, S2 has Lotoo's DNA, both when it comes to a sound sig and a technical performance, even coming closer to PAW6000 DAP when using IEMs. And while I don't think usb dac/amp dongles going to replace higher end DAPs, they do offer a great opportunity to convert your smartphone into the higher end streaming DAP instead of dragging a DAP in addition to your smartphone."

Lotoo PAW S2 – Twister6 Reviews


Lotoo PAW S2

"The Lotoo PAW S2 is an absolute recommendation for everyone who is looking for a highly musical and extremely uncomplicated solution for enjoying high-quality music on their smartphone. You can hardly make a better DAC dongle."

Lotoo PAW S2 USB DAC/AMP in the head box test report


  • Superior audio technologies in a rugged yet slim design
  • High resolution without high power consumption
  • New "Remote Control" function and new OTG cables, which come in two different lengths (65mm & 800mm), can be paired with the belt clip
  • Powerful enough to drive demanding headphones
  • 4.4 balanced & 3.5 single-ended dual outputs
  • MQA certified


Plug and Play


The unique circuit design delivers Hi-Fi sound quality without the installation of drivers, lower power consumption and without heat generation

Supports Multi-OS


Supports iOS, Android OS, Mac & Windows, Game Consoles (Xbox, PS5, Switch) and other Hi-Res Music Players

Easy remote control

  • One click to play or pause music
  • Double click for the next song
  • Triple click for previous track

High performance and high DAC chip utilization


Lotoo engineers have strived to unleash the full potential of the AKM4377 DAC -Maximize the chips, use the chip's capacity and waste nothing to ensure the highest possible performance from the class-leading hardware.

State of the art DAP architecture


The PAW S2 is a musical powerhouse in your pocket. It comes from the same line as the PAW DAPs (namely PAW Gold Touch and PAW6000) and is incredibly powerful for a device of this size.

The Blackfin® DSP from ADI Blackfin® embodies a new breed of 16/32-bit embedded processor with the industry's highest performance and power efficiency for applications. It is this powerful combination of software flexibility and scalability that has given the Blackfin widespread acceptance in converged applications such as digital audio systems.

Lotoo has been using DSP technology for over 20 years.Based on the Blackfin® DSP, Lotoo developed and implemented the Lotoo OS, an exclusive operating system fully dedicated to audio processing

Advanced 2×8 layer HDI PCB design
Analog and digital circuit board sections are completely isolated from each other.
Placing analog and digital traces on separate layers separated by a ground plane prevents
digital signal noise that interferes with analog signals. This largely eliminates interference and improves performance.

Low-noise metal film resistors with low temperature drift and millesimal accuracy are used on the analog board.

Small, robust and yet maximum performance

Panasonic's industry-leading polymer and film resistors are designed for a wide range of technologies. Panasonic polymer and film capacitors are designed for the most demanding applications while maximizing performance.

Pure black background

Ultra-low noise floor down to -121dBu(0.69 uVeven with highly sensitive headphones. As you listen to your music, each note will shine like a sparkling jewel against the black background. The quiet moments in and between songs are exactly as they should be thanks to the ultra-low noise floor of the PAW S2.

Autonomous, high-precision phase-locked loop (PLL)


The excellent clocking of the PAW S2 is provided by the AK8142, a programmable clock generator IC with an integrated Fractional N PLL. It is highly precise and eliminates jitter on the USB and SRC interface.

Design & construction par excellence

The G3 curve represents an extreme designer obsession. Working with reflective lines, the light reflections on the surfaces give a sense of luxury and quality. The curved shape fits well in the hand and offers a secure grip.

3D curved glass with cold grinding technology


The Premium quality of the PAW S2 screen comes from the 3D curved glass, the meticulously CNC machined glass. The cold grinding process requires the highest level of precision. The rounded corners of the 3D surface are finished with meticulous polishing so that the body curve and the tempered glass surface perfectly match the sleek metal body.

CNC craftsmanship


The "6 Series" aluminum alloy is known in manufacturing for its light weight, high strength and excellent workability. Thanks to the 5-axis CNC milling machine, we were able to carefully reduce the thickness of the metal to obtain a thin but strong metal shell, thus eliminating interference and noise.

Lotoo OTG cable and belt clip


Manufactured exclusively for Lotoo, this multi-core OTG cable is made of pure OFC copper with a copper shielding mesh and aluminum foil, eliminating potential interference that could affect signal purity. The sleek black jacket made of eco-friendly TPE material gives the cable both flexibility and strength.

Its high strength, low resistance, high output power, and ability to shield noise enable the cable to achieve lower latency and faster dynamic response.

The custom-made flexible strain relief is also made of TPE material and protects the cable from breaking or bending. A durable, flexible jacket helps prevent cable stress and conductor breakage.

Physical buttons on the remote control


The physical buttons on the remote control are specially designed for mobile users. The remote control allows for easy navigation without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Integrated studio quality PMEQ/ATE


The critically acclaimed PMEQ/ATE only found in Lotoo's top DAPs is found in the PAW S2 with new additions. Try this feature with your favorite music, game or even a movie and be mesmerized by the impressive soundstage, accurate imaging and breathtaking detail!

  • New PMEQ and ATE extensions: ACG, LP Vinyl and Cassette
  • PMEQ II: Classic, Pop, Rock, Headphones, ACG-1
  • ATE: film, game, radio, vinyl LP, cassette, dental, near field, far field


Supported format
PCM 32K-384KHz DSD64/DSD128

Max. Output power
3.5mm: 125mW/channel @32Ω
4.4mm: 150mW/channel at 32Ω

Headphone connector
3 .5mm unbalanced
4.4mm balanced


Frequency range
3.5mm: 20-20KHz :+0/-0.017dB
4.4mm: 20-20KHz:+0/-0.016dB

Noise level
3.5mm: -121dBu 4.4mm: -119dBu


USB connector
USB type C


Low Gain: -109dB (0.0003%)
High Gain: -109dB (0.0003%)

OLED 128x32

3.5 mm: 123 dB
4.4 mm: 123 dB

Lineout level
3.5 mm : 2.34Vrms
4.4mm: 2.55Vrms

Firmware update