INEAR LivePro 3 - Custom In-Ear Monitor
INEAR LivePro 3 - Custom In-Ear Monitor
INEAR LivePro 3 - Custom In-Ear Monitor

INEAR LivePro 3 - Custom In-Ear Monitor

CHF 999.00

Production time approx. 4-6 weeks

Custom In-Ears - High End In-Ear Monitors especially for you

LivePro 3

Our LivePro 3 is considered the ultimate secret weapon among bassists and drummers. Strong bass and gentle treble paired with perfect wearing comfort characterize this powerful in-ear phone. The LP3 masters powerful playback of the B string or rich bass drum sounds with ease. This headphone is particularly recommended for bass lovers and electronic musicians.

INEAR LivePro3

Custom-Fit High-End Monitoring

  • Custom in-ear headphones made from durable acrylic
  • Perfect sound thanks to high-quality drivers and precisely matched crossover components
  • Best isolation of outside noise
  • Easily replaceable cerumen filters prevent dirt from penetrating the receiver
  • The high-end cables are interchangeable and run safely behind the ear thanks to the integrated flexible wire
  • Large range of different colors and designs
  • Printing of the faceplate with your own band logo or name
  • As an option, we also offer an ambience bore with hearing protection filter to direct stage sound and ambient noise to the ear in a controlled manner


After an individual ear impression, your LivePro monitor will have the perfect fit. Various sound signatures are available for your own application areas.


Each of our handset models has an individual sound signature. When it comes to in-ear monitoring, our motto is »By musicians for musicians«. Because especially when it comes to the development of new in-ear monitoring systems or further developments, we can test all new products immediately in live use, apart from the conventional laboratory tests.

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