Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs
Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs
Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs
Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs
Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs
Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs
Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs
Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs

Lime Ears Pneuma 2 - Premium Hybrid IEMs

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Pneuma, derived from the Greek word for "breath", is often used to refer to a person's soul. In the Greek tragedies, "pneuma" is often used in the phrase "pneuma of God" to illustrate the historical spiritual sense that we receive our breath from God. Philosophers of the past such as the Pre-Socratics and Aristotle also use pneuma to mean the elemental air in motion or "warm air"; a fitting name for this pair of IEMs that highlights the natural, elemental and fun sounds.

With its exquisite source separation, natural width and unparalleled depth, the Pneuma offers a distinct, vibrant and entertaining listening experience. Flip the switch and experience 2 different sound signatures. One is a musical powerhouse with a vibrant, breathtaking sound, the other is a tamed and more analytical beast that sounds natural and relaxed. Choose your side with Pneuma.


Five drivers, hybrid construction, four-way crossover

  • A dynamic 7mm titanium diaphragm driver for infrasonic frequencies
  • Two BA for low frequencies
  • A BA for the midrange 
  • A BA for high frequencies
  • SubWITCH™ Switchable Subwoofer Technology 
  • BAM™ Energy Optimizer 
  • VariBore™ Acoustic Design 
  • HornCraft™ stainless steel nozzle design 

V2 Upgrades

  • 25% smaller IEM housing than PNEUMA V1
  • New case design - Scarlet Silverstream
  • Upgrade standard cable to custom pure copper cable

Scarlet Silverstream Case 2023

Scarlet Silverstream - Like the Pneuma concept, our new acrylic shell is aesthetically designed to capture the feeling of warm air currents. It features a flawless blend of fiery reds and calming silver tones, with the silver sparkle reflecting the vibrancy of moving air while the rich reds express the comforting embrace of warmth. Scarlet Silverstream offers a harmonious fusion of visual and tactile sensations, as if inviting a journey through the calm currents of the element of air.

SubWITCH™ Switchable Subwoofer Technology

Sub-lows Witchery - Imagine having the power to shape sound frequencies with the finesse of a skilled witch casting spells. With a single snap of your fingers, the level of the lowest frequencies can be changed by around 4 dB below 500 Hz. But it's not just about control, it's also about adapting the sound to different situations. Whether you're listening at different volume levels, using the principles of Fletcher-Munson Law to improve bass response at lower levels, optimizing the richness of well-recorded bass in your audio source, or overwhelming and booming bass caused by poorly mixed material want to mitigate - SubWITCH™ offers the solution. Additionally, this switch allows you to increase the bass response in noisy environments such as airplanes or subways, where the low frequency noise can obscure important elements. Let SubWITCH™ guide your journey of discovery through the world of sound - an enigmatic companion that helps you orchestrate the perfect bass tones for every moment.

BAM™ Energy Optimizer

Backfiring Acoustically-Damped Membrane - Through innovative thinking and extensive experimentation, we have discovered a method to achieve superior bass control by harnessing the energy emanating from the back of the transducer membrane. Building on this, we further refined our approach by incorporating open-cell memory foam. This unique addition acts as an effective dampener for the driver, effectively reducing acoustic resonances within the cabinet. The result is a remarkable improvement in stereo separation that pushes the boundaries of the soundstage to new depths and widths.

Inspirational Origins: This time we took inspiration from the bass reflex enclosures commonly found in studio monitors to amplify and improve bass quality through energy reflection. Upon closer inspection, we realized that such a mechanism could be scaled down and built into our IEM, giving us better control over the bass. After several iterations to mimic the speaker enclosure, we developed a design that not only captures the essence of a bass reflex speaker, but also allows us to unlock and control the full potential of the bass, along with our SubWITCH™ technology.

VariBore™ acoustic design

Variable Bores - Through our research, we have found that bore diameter plays a crucial role in controlling different frequencies. By carefully designing holes with different diameters, we are able to optimize the transmission of different frequencies with greater precision. This effect is particularly pronounced at higher frequencies, where the increased diameter significantly reduces air friction and minimizes resonance influences. The result is a significant improvement in the upper frequency range, which is reflected in improved high-frequency reproduction and a much smoother, more authentic reproduction of the treble.


What others say about the PNEUMA V2

"After listening to hundreds of IEMs, you realize that some IEMs have "it". When you put them in your ears and press play, you immediately notice that they are something special I've had this experience before with special IEMs, and Pneuma is one of them." Impressions of Berkhan, 

"The Pneuma manages to sound gentle and very pleasant and at the same time surprisingly detailed." Impressions from Marcus, 

"Not only does it have a very good, fun bass character, punch and rumble, accurate tonality in the midrange, good clarity and details, but it is also a very musical monitor that can handle most genres of music with equal aplomb and Finesse plays." Impressions of Animagus,