Lime Ears Model X 2022 - 4BA in-ear monitor
Lime Ears Model X 2022 - 4BA in-ear monitor
Lime Ears Model X 2022 - 4BA in-ear monitor
Lime Ears Model X 2022 - 4BA in-ear monitor
Lime Ears Model X 2022 - 4BA in-ear monitor

Lime Ears Model X 2022 - 4BA in-ear monitor

CHF 899.00

Approx. 2 weeks delivery time

Also available as custom in-ear !

Try it at home - free of charge for up to one week


Our popular Model X, which uses not one, but two of the most popular sound characteristics that can be switched with a simple switch: choose either the "perfectly neutral" or the "warm and musical" sound, depending on how you are feeling right now!

Acoustic design in which one of the bores is carefully matched in terms of length, diameter and volume. It provides numerous resonance effects that help balance the frequency and impulse response of the transducers used in this design. PAR technology (Passive Acoustic Resonator)

Four symmetrical armature drivers

Switchable low-end characteristics

Use of VariBore technology - Acoustic design that uses sound bores for each frequency band different diameters used. The use of 2mm drilling for high frequencies in combination with internal acoustic damping ensures an open sound and smooth highs.


  • Introducing PAR (Passive Acoustic Resonator) technology
  • Four Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Switchable low-end characteristics
  • Using VariBore™ technology


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Our goal was to achieve a powerful sound while maintaining great clarity and precision.


The vented dual woofer delivers juicy and powerful bass accompanied by extremely crisp highs produced by the HF driver, with rich, pronounced mids perfectly sandwiched in between. When you flip the switch up, the sound gets slightly warm and V-shaped. Flip the switch down and the Model X transforms into a mid- to high-frequency headphone that, thanks to the vented construction, sounds punchy and clear even at the bottom of the frequency band.


The switch changes the level of the low frequencies (approx. 6dB<800Hz). You can also use it to make changes depending on:

hearing level - to apply the Fletcher-Munson law (at lower listening levels the bass can be boosted to make it more audible)
the Level and quality of the bass in the recording (if the bass is well recorded it can be boosted.

However, if the material is not properly mixed and the bass is booming and out of control, it can be toned down) Outside noise (if you use your monitors in a noisy environment, such as on an airplane or in the subway track, where the low tones are drowned out by the noise, you should turn up the monitors).


Wide, deep, natural.