Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM
Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM
Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM
Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM
Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM
Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM
Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM

Lime Ears Anima - Tribrid Flagship IEM

CHF 3,399.00

Approx. 2 weeks delivery time
No custom version possible.

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Anima Highlights

  • Pure silver nozzle with "Organic Horn Nozzle™" geometry
  • BADD™ Hybrid Deep Bass Technology
  • Thirteen drivers, three-bridge construction, six-way crossover:
  • a 7mm titanium diaphragm DD for infra-sub frequencies
  • two BA for subwoofer frequencies
  • two BA for low frequencies
  • two BA (ventilated) for the midrange
  • two BA for high frequencies
  • four EST for ultra-high frequencies
  • Handcrafted acrylic cases with Bello Opal™ faceplates
  • Graphene-coated SPC cable (0.05mm*144 strands), symmetrical (4.4mm)
  • Handmade genuine leather case


Headfonics Audio Reviews

Lime Ears Anima

"The Lime Ears Anima is a balanced yet joyful tuning with a deep resonating bass performance and almost ethereal highs with plenty of headroom from those e-stat drivers. It competes well with other hybrid electrostatic standard-bearers such as the Odin and the EXT but is unique enough to set it apart as a viable alternative on your shopping list."

Lime Ears Anima Review

"W-shaped fun signature, excellent build quality, attractive Bello Opal faceplates and 4-core cable, highly ergonomic nozzle design, high engagement factor, DD sub-bass rumble + BA style fast transients bass response, good detail retrieval, resolution and clarity while maintaining a smooth and easy signature."

Lime Ears Anima – Twister6 Reviews

"As if laughing in the face of strict, clinical correctness, the Anima basks in playful expression; rumbly, yet melodic down low, expressive and vibrant in the midrange, then animatedly airy and crisp up top."

Lime Ears Anima: Midnight Tides – An In-Ear Monitor Review

Anima - extraordinary inside & outside


The first thing that stands out is the Bello Opal faceplates. This material is truly the king among lab grown opals. The extremely complex and precise manufacturing process gives it an incredible play of colors that cannot be found in any other material. Lab grown opals are almost physically identical to natural opals which is why they have become so famous and can be found in jewelry all over the world. Each piece is unique with crystals of different shapes and sizes.

The spirit of the anima captured in an ever-changing play of colors.


Another point that will catch your keen eyes are the nozzles. You are different from everyone else. Think of them as crucial elements between the drivers and your eardrum, like a small space that houses your speakers. Every listening room requires precise geometry and special surface materials to get the most out of your sound.

Let's explore these two aspects in more detail.


After dozens of simulations and prototypes based on our VariBore™ technology, we finally developed the Organic Horn Nozzle™. The gradual change in shape provides impedance matching and suppresses the resonances found in traditional straight tube models.

As the old saying goes, "It's all in the details".


But what about the material? After dozens of trials (and mistakes) we realized how important the material is in the final tone and image.We needed some sort of mass to ensure the weight and clarity of the low frequencies while ensuring perfect transmission of the high and ultra-high frequencies. The manufacturing technology, including a significant amount of manual work, leaves a light texture on the inside of the horn. In conjunction with the geometry, this texture enhances the reflection and dispersion of the high and ultra-high frequencies, directing them directly to your ear. Silver oxidizes over time and changes like its owner.

Sorry... didn't we mention that the nozzles are pure silver?


If you look a little closer, you'll see precisely selected areas where the signals from different driver groups are added to the sound mix: First come the ultra-high frequencies delivered by electrostatic drivers - no filtering, no tubes. The ultra-high frequencies pass through the nozzle in the shortest and most efficient way. The ultra high tones are joined by the medium and high frequencies, which are precisely distributed by the unusual horn geometry. Last but not least, there are the bass, sub-bass and infra-bass tones, which unfold their powerful effect over the narrowest bore. These nozzles are meticulously handcrafted through a combination of jewelry quality 3D wax printing and precision metal casting.

The magic is in the mix....


After long conversations with audiophiles around the world and dozens of trials with balanced armature and dynamic drivers for the low frequency range, we had an idea: how about bringing the punch and clarity of balanced armature subwoofers to the table perfectly combine the weight and low-frequency rumble of our 7mm dynamic titanium diaphragm driver?
We call it BADD™ Hybrid Low-End Technology.

Can we call that a perfect match?ULTRAHIGH TWEETER TECHNOLOGY

Electrostatic tweeters are beasts that need to be properly tamed. We chose ultra-high quad drivers to ensure maximum performance in the highest part of the spectrum while maintaining the lowest possible distortion. The other drivers are coupled with a high-impedance crossover so that the ultra-high frequencies run under optimal conditions. For this reason, Anima would greatly appreciate a DAP or DAC with a bit more headroom than your average smartphone.

All beauty needs is time and space for it to unfold...


A very important element: the cable. We chose a graphene-coated, silver-plated, forty-four-strand copper cable to ensure smoothness, detail, and exceptional staging. It showed an ideal synergy with the sound of the anima. This handcrafted work of art has been further refined with crushed Bello Opal particles by the amazing artists at @vikingweavecables.

A perfect sound in every way.


We mentioned the crossover. Designed from the ground up, it's extremely complex and doesn't cause any complications for the signal. Perfectly matched drivers in tribrid technology. The crossover precisely splits the electrical audio signals to produce the most pleasing and coherent sound right where it meets your eardrum.

One 7mm titanium diaphragm dynamic driver for infrared sub-frequencies
Two balanced aarmature drivers for subwoofer frequencies,
Two balanced aarmature drivers for low frequencies,
Two balanced aarmature Drivers (ventilated) for the midrange,
Two Balanced Armature Drivers for high frequencies
Four Electrostatic Drivers for ultra-high frequencies
Sometimes things have to get really complicated just to become simple in the end.


The extreme complexity of anima required extraordinary construction methods. This is where computer-aided design (CAD) meets the latest manufacturing processes. Each element is perfectly matched and handcrafted to the highest standards. The ANIMA manufacturing process combines wax 3D printing, water jet cutting, pure silver casting, resin 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC cutting with hand assembly, point to point soldering and hand finishing to create each truly magical Anima experience .

A fine example of a place where history meets the future.

Scope of delivery

  • Handmade genuine leather storage bag
  • Cotton bag
  • 3.5mm adapter
  • 2.5mm adapter
  • Comply foam attachments
  • SpinFit CP145 attachment set
  • Final Audio E-tip set
  • Cleaning Tool