Lime Ears Ether 2022
Lime Ears Ether 2022
Lime Ears Ether 2022
Lime Ears Ether 2022
Lime Ears Ether 2022
Lime Ears Ether 2022

Lime Ears Ether 2022

CHF 1,299.00

Approx. Delivery time: 2 weeks week long


  • Brass nozzle
  • Using VariBore™ and TrueSub™ technology
  • Six balanced armature drivers, passive four-way hybrid crossover:
  • two BA for subwoofer frequencies
  • two BA for low frequencies
  • a BA (vented) for medium frequencies
  • a BA for high frequencies
  • The switch controls the level of the dual subwoofer driver
  • Available in universal and custom fit versions

2022 Universal Fit IEM Update

  • Brand new ergonomic design
  • Exactly the same legendary sound


Headfonia Reviews - Quality audio reviews

"Aether is the kind of monitor that makes all types of music sound good, it's engaging, has great imaging and sounds musical. For a 5 driver, it is sublime.”


Head Fi

"Very big soundstage, amazing imaging qualities, endless details with intact musicality."


"The Aether is one of the occasions I find it does punch above its price class, and easily contends with the TOTL level priced around $1600."




Acoustic design with different diameter sound holes for each frequency band. The use of 2 mm high-frequency drilling in combination with internal acoustic damping results in an open sound image and smooth highs.


In contrast to standard electrical filtering (with an electrical crossover), the lowest frequencies are filtered by a specially designed filter that is 3D printed in XHD resolution. The precise acoustic filtering ensures powerful yet extremely clear, structured and dynamic subwoofer frequencies.


The design goal was to create the feel of a large three-way far-field monitor system with a controlled external subwoofer, placed in a spacious, acoustically well-treated room. We wanted the listener to experience everything the sound engineer created in the recording, with a touch of audiophile excellence that will appeal to those who avoid overly technical sounds but still seek real fidelity in their recordings.


In the "neutral" switch position, Aether maintains a neutral tonality with a slight emphasis on subwoofer lows and crisp highs. When the subwoofer driver is switched up, it gets a powerful and accurate low-end punch, while maintaining great clarity and dynamics in the mids and increased liveliness in the highs.