Satin Audio MEDUSA II
Satin Audio MEDUSA II
Satin Audio MEDUSA II
Satin Audio MEDUSA II
Satin Audio MEDUSA II
Satin Audio MEDUSA II

Satin Audio MEDUSA II

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Medusa III - Striving for Perfection

The pursuit of perfection is the core philosophy that keeps Satin Audio on track. The research team is constantly thinking about how to make the products even better and how to make the next version even better than the previous one. And so the Medusa II was born, with a multitude of outstanding improvements.

Purest silver, improved internal structure

The Medusa III is manufactured using SP-OCC (Superior Pure OCC) technology to produce the purest silver. This is the purest silver cable ever released.

The exceptional Satin Special Structure II, which has always been exclusive to the flagship - the Zeus - was used is now officially used in the Monster Series III. It was developed from Satin Special Structures and Type 4 strands. The result is that the new structure not only has properties similar to Type 4 strand, but has also been developed into a strand layer - Geōmetria:

  • The outer layer consists of stranded bundles of SP-OCC material.
  • The next layer is the combination of supports surrounding the Kevlar cushioning core. These strands inside have larger dimensions than those in the outer layer. That's why we call them Geōmetria Multisized Stranded - Satin Special Structures II. Each inner and outer strand is covered with insulation to protect it from oxidation. Finally, this structure brings the better efficiency for signal transmission, better attenuation.

Larger conductor cross-section - improved signal quality

Another notable highlight is the renovated gauge structure of 26AWG+, with larger size at the same gauge but better signal transmission. The Medusa III has a significantly larger conductor cross-section than the predecessor model Medusa II and thus offers even better signal quality for audiophile setups.

Improved insulation

Furthermore, the SA insulation jacket has been upgraded to an advanced SA insulation jacket II with improved flexibility and transparency, making the cable look even shinier and more eye-catching. This jacket has been purposely designed to be soft and comfortable throughout its lifetime and not harden after exposure to sweat like other cables on the market.

The best connections

We use the best connectors for the Medusa III. Our satin 2-pin/MMCX connectors are made of TeCu/PEEK and TeCu/Teflon, which increases conductivity by 45-93%. Meanwhile, the pins of other regular connectors are made of brass, with a conductivity of only 27%.


  • 26AWG+
  • Superior Pure OCC Silver
  • Geōmetria Multi-sized Stranded - Satin Special Structures II
  • Kevlar Damping Core
  • Premium SA connectors
  • SA Insulation II