INEAR ProPhile 8 - Custom reference in-ear monitor
INEAR ProPhile 8 - Custom reference in-ear monitor

INEAR ProPhile 8 - Custom reference in-ear monitor

CHF 2,249.00 Normal price

Production time approx. 4-6 weeks

Custom In-Ears - High End In-Ear Monitors especially for you

ProPhile 8

In order to achieve a studio reference tuning over the entire frequency range, we have equipped our InEar ProPhile 8 with 8 balanced armature drivers per ear and a 4-way crossover.

There are also 2 switches on the inside of the headphones, which can be used to increase the low-frequency range by +3dB and the high-frequency range from 8 kHz by +2dB.
Based on a linear reference tuning for studio work in the mix and mastering, 4 different sound signatures can be set in order to adapt the listener to their own audiophile listening preferences apart from studio applications.

You will rediscover your music with an absolutely natural reproduction of music in the highest resolution of fine details, breathtaking transparency and lightness, as well as a perfect spatial representation!

The matte housing of the ProPhile 8 was created on the basis of our StageDiver series, which has established itself worldwide as the benchmark for the best fit and wearing comfort of universal in-ears. To protect the receiver from penetrating cerumen, we also use a special cerumen filter system with the ProPhile 8. You can replace clogged filters yourself in just a few simple steps.

ProPhile 8 faceplate variants

The PP8 Custom is available in three variants:

  • With black housing and faceplate
  • With additional laser engraving of the INEAR logo
  • With additional real gold inlay of the INEAR logo

The real gold inlay is specially made by a jeweler and embedded in the faceplate of the PP8.

INEAR ProPhile8

Universal Fit High-End Monitoring

  • Custom fit
  • Studio Reference Signature
  • Two switches to change the sound signature
  • Four different sound signatures in a pair of headphones
  • Easily replaceable cerumen filters prevent dirt from penetrating the receiver
  • Different faceplate designs


    After taking an individual ear impression, your ProPhile 8 Custom Monitor will have the perfect fit.


    Each of our handset models has an individual sound signature. When it comes to in-ear monitoring, our motto is »By musicians for musicians«. Because especially when it comes to the development of new in-ear monitoring systems or further developments, we can test all new products immediately in live use, apart from the conventional laboratory tests.