Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC - Reference DAC
Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC - Reference DAC
Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC - Reference DAC
Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC - Reference DAC
Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC - Reference DAC
Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC - Reference DAC

Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC - Reference DAC

CHF 3,499.00

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Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC: The inexpensive reference

Ideos Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC

The all-rounder

The Ayazi mk2 DAC has been specially designed and tuned to reveal the musical magic hidden in the numbers stored on the digital medium.Sound reproduction features exceptionally wide dynamic range, extremely low distortion and noise, precise soundstage and musical congruence.

We have used the device in many different high-end systems and setups because it is intended to be a multi-tasking DAC that can be used anytime, anywhere.

A high performance DAC

No-frills construction: solid and functional, the Ayazi, as one reviewer put it, "probably sets the sonic benchmark for DACs that cost twice or more their price", encompassing what we started to do: the experience of a musical event, a sound you won't believe for its price.At the Ayazi, style follows function and budget.

The result: when it comes to DACs, the Ayazi is the affordable reference!

Input Protection

The USB input is equipped with the electrostatic protection circuit developed by Ideon Audio.The best way to combat signal degradation and noise is to keep it at bay before it gets into the signal!

Asynchronous double clock input

Jitter and noise are reduced to a negligible level to achieve phase-correct sound and dynamics.

Femto clock architecture.

Squeezes jitter and noise floor below the perceptible level in our circuit.Two high-quality CCHD-957 oscillators from Crystek.

Oversized, premium performance

Not only do we need plentiful power, we also need clean power, most importantly free of radio frequency interference, electrical interference, and similar performance-robbing distortions.

By using first-class regulators and audiophile capacitors, discrete and ultra-stabilized power supplies, the Ayazi declares war on electrical and digital noise and achieves dynamics and clarity unparalleled in its class.

"We think we have a sonic winner!"

Technical data


USB type 2 and above, SPDI/F
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10Hz-25kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
SNR (DC to 20kHz) >112dB
SNR (A WEIGHTED 20HZ-20KHZ) >130dB on all outputs
THD+N (1kHz FS 96 kS/s) <0.002%E
USB INPUT Transfer mode: Asynchronous (dual clock) Device class: Type 2 or above Bit depth: 32 bit Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384kHz
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 29cm X 17cm X 8cm
SPDIF / COAXIAL INPUT Bit depth: 24 bit Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 96, 192kHz
CONTROLS On/off switch, led indicator USB / SPDI/F input, sync led indicator
POWER REQUIREMENTS 230 / 110 V AC, 1A, 20W max
RELATIVE HUMIDITY 5-95% non-condensing
OUTPUT Stereo unbalanced impedance: 250 Ω


“…The Ideon components provide the kind of musical thrills one might hear through the original Quad electrostatic speakers: a crystal-clear, essentially neutral, hyperdetailed window onto the music that captures every nuance without sacrificing music's weight and body... It can play every kind of music with all of its strengths intact.I simply found listening to certain genres on it to be a revelation…”

Alex Halberstadt, July 2022

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“…There’s no better surprise in hifi than being started by an unexpected level of musical engagement.The Ideon Ayazi mk2 DAC and 3R Master Time Black Star combination is among the most captivating digital solutions I've had the pleasure of spending real time with, offering a view into music that's as unobstructed as I've heard.”

Michael Lavorgna, February 2022

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"…That's why I really enjoyed the Ideon Ayazi Mk.2 DAC and the 3R Master Time Black Star.I consistently achieved excellent sound from several sources and wildly different systems, and it provided me with a clear view of what the big DACs can do, converters like, I dunno, the Ideon Audio Absolute.I really want to hear what that can do that this rig can't.Or maybe I shouldn't listen to it at all—because I'll want THAT.

Highly recommended, and a reviewer's choice.”

Haute Fidelite, January 2022

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".Ideon sounds like competition on much higher price levels, where it does not need to prove anything to anybody, and instead of showing muscles, it makes music count.Because it is the music, which is most important here, and the Ayazi presents it in such an engaging way, that if instead of looking for more revolutionary solutions or re-inventing the wheel, you just want music to soothe you, then contact with the Greek DAC could be like return to normality for you.

Sound Rebels, January 2022

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