Ideon Audio Absolute Time - Ultimate USB & SPDIF Reclocking
Ideon Audio Absolute Time - Ultimate USB & SPDIF Reclocking
Ideon Audio Absolute Time - Ultimate USB & SPDIF Reclocking

Ideon Audio Absolute Time - Ultimate USB & SPDIF Reclocking

CHF 9,500.00

The device is specially manufactured to customer specifications.

The Ideon Audio Absolute Time: the ultimate USB & SPDIF re-clocking platform

USB & SPDIF re-clocking at the highest level of performance

Ideon Audio Absolute Time was conceived, developed and manufactured as an ultra-high-end audiophile device that reclocks, revives and drives the digital signal with corrections at both input and output.

It improves the quality of the digital signal to a current absolute level.

Overcoming digital rendering challenges.

Designed and developed in-house, the Ideon Audio Triple Distillation USB input consists of a proprietary three-stage noise reduction circuit that eliminates digital noise from the input signal.

Figuratively speaking, we have declared war on linear and non-linear distortion and noise!

Ideon Audio's proprietary design

By leveraging expertise gained through our proprietary 3R re-clocking circuits, feedback and suggestions from our customers, and the latest technology, the Absolute Time was engineered to solve signal degradation problems for good to solve.

Outstanding performance and constant correction are legion here too.

Two inputs and outputs (USB & SPDIF)

The Absolute Time has separate USB and SPDIF inputs and outputs - a boon for CD collectors to enjoy their music!

SPDIF correction / re-clocking

Absolute Time's SPDIF circuitry also includes a stabilized coax input and a proprietary ultra-low noise, jitter-free re-clocking platform with a 12.8MHz master clock output.

Stability and performance

The Absolute Time features electrically stable signal inputs and outputs; more importantly, it features a powerful 2.5A USB output (5V rail) capable of driving any load without loss of detail, clarity, or dynamics.

Ideon Audio, overspec power supply

Huge, linear power supplies have become a hallmark of Ideon Audio.We've equipped the Absolute Time with an oversized main power supply made from select audiophile low ESR silk caps.

The audiophile transformer is high-wattage and handcrafted for the application.

Plenty clean performance

As with all Ideon devices, the power supply is carefully rectified and regulated to ensure negligible noise and distortion.

In the Absolute Time, we built in a three-stage, ultra-stabilized filtering that feeds the circuit.

This approach is critical to the desired sound quality: vivid, real and dynamic that connects you to the musical action.

Future proof phase correction

Proper timing is what Absolute Time is all about! We apply the correction to both ends (input-output) of the circuit.

Our upgradeable platform with multiple ultra-low jitter femto clocks ensures that the output signal is phase corrected and has zero jitter.

Solid one-piece aluminum body

The 15 kg, CNC-machined housing takes 13 hours to manufacture.

The result is a solid mechanical base that houses the most complicated and expensive electronics currently available.

Different finishes are available to order.


  • Separate, electrically stable USB and coaxial (SPDIF) inputs
  • Oversized power bank, handcrafted audiophile transformer
  • Linear, three-stage, ultra-low-noise, stabilized power supply with separate leads to various circuits.
  • Low ESR audiophile (silk) capacitors throughout;
  • Proprietary femto-clock re-clocking circuitry on an upgradeable platform;
  • Phase-correct restitution and negligible jitter.
  • Proprietary noise-free rectifier bridge eliminates diode rectifier noise
  • USB output: ultra-stabilized with signal amplification, high power (2.5S / 5V rail), easily drives any load
  • SPDIF output: proprietary PLL with ultra-low noise and jitter mitigation / supports 12.8MHz master clock

    Technical data

    USB type 2.0 hi speed: 480Mb/sec
    SPDIF SAMPLE RATE 32 -192 re-clocking
    PCM, DSD Full Compatibility
    OPERATING SYSTEM SEAMLESS OPERATION With USB Stack Support (no special drivers required)
    USB POWER RAIL Switchable 5V on/off
    POWER SUPPLY Triple ultra-low noise linear power supply
    OUTPUT USB 2.5A ultra low noise 5 volt USB
    DISPLAY Custom discrete LED audio clock synchronous display
    OUTPUT SPDIF Buffered
    DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 470 x 175 x 110 mm ( (18.5x69x43 in)
    WEIGHT 15 kg (~ 33 lbs)
    FINISH Anodized aluminum, silver/black + additional options upon request


    "...I've never seen anything like it - fascinating..."

    “…incredible resolution and three-dimensional sonority, which is particularly surprising in the high pitches…””This is great class and for me absolutely unique, very far from the usual…”

    WOLFGANG KEMPER Wolfgang Kemper, HIFI STATEMENT, Dec 2022

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    “…The Absolute Epsilon DAC, Absolute Stream music server, and Absolute Time master clock are in the upper echelon of today’s best digital playback.The trio has some remarkable musical attributes, including stunningly lifelike reproduction of music's dynamics.The sense of immediacy and presence—the impression of nothing between you and the music—was equally impressive.”

    Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, June 2022

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    “…This is a top high-end, hence the GOLD FINGERPRINT award deserved for this system… …ABSOLUTE SUITE by Ideon Audio is one of the best-built audio I know… …the Greek player would be the equivalent of a top turntable ….”

    " It is something between 'weight', 'seriousness' and 'solidity'.It is the ultimate and certain force that you can always rely on and that does not change.And this is what the Ideon Audio sounded like.It draws you into its world, both through the dense colors and saturation of the presentation with information, as well as through something that is difficult to define, and which makes us let go and listen to music in awe and delight.”

    High Fidelity, November 2020

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