Ideon Absolute Stream - Flagship Streamer
Ideon Absolute Stream - Flagship Streamer
Ideon Absolute Stream - Flagship Streamer

Ideon Absolute Stream - Flagship Streamer

CHF 19,000.00

The device is specially manufactured to customer specifications.

The Ideon Audio Absolute Stream: currently the most innovative music renderer / streamer

Ideon Audio Absolute Stream 01

The most innovative streamer / music rendering engine of the moment

Absolute Stream is an audiophile music server/streamer that plays music files.

It's a high-performance device that plays all your music libraries, whether they're stored on an external hard drive or NAS.Equally important, the Absolute Stream plays audio files from Internet sources, i.Hfrom radios and web services like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, etc.

Principles of construction

When we set out to develop the AbsolAute Stream, we wanted to achieve exceptional sound to complement the Absolute DAC.

This quality goal led us to design the Absolute Stream as an audio device dedicated solely to music playback, rather than a computer optimized for music playback.

We've applied our uncompromising design principles to the Absolute Stream: massively redesigned power supply, plenty of ultra-low-noise performance, discrete power lines to critical circuit points, circuit stability and isolation, constant phase/timing correction.

    Real-time core playback

    Core CPU with high priority for audio playback only to ensure optimal performance and sound quality

    Realize the potential of your music
    Absolute Stream plays your private libraries from hard drives or NAS , it works as a roon bridge that transfers your music to the device's CPU, and of course it plays Internet streaming services with maximum integration (Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, web radios, etc.)

    Future proof phase correction

    To eliminate jitter, a specially designed re-clocking circuit consisting of an uncompromising femto-clock architecture is built into Absolute Stream as standard and is not available as a premium option.This is an upgradeable platform to protect our customers' investments.

    Over-specified power supplies

    Huge, linear power supplies have become a hallmark of Ideon Audio.The Absolute Stream features a very large main power supply composed of audiophile-grade, low-ESR silk caps; we've also incorporated a handcrafted, high-power, audiophile-grade transformer.

    Noise-free performance

    Electrical noise in a source component can degrade the sound for the duration of the signal processing.It will come as no surprise, then, that the Absolute Stream features our proprietary, upgradeable, noise-free active bridge technology that eliminates diode rectification noise.

    Independent Power Lines, Dedicated Rendering CPU Power Supply
    The Absolute Stream features four (4) separate, discrete power lines with ultra-low noise, linear power supplies that deliver the various voltage levels required by the device.

    With further experimentation, however, we discovered that the quality of the transient stream sent to the CPU affects the sound - and the sonic result was amazing.To improve the quality of the transient current, we implemented a proprietary bypass current filter with an extremely low ESR value, which has an excellent effect on the sound.

    A unique advantage of the Absolute Stream circuitry is the complete absence of switch-mode power supplies - not even interposers within the CPU power rails.

    Internal noise reduction

    Because sound quality comes first, we avoided internal noise-causing peripheral circuits as much as possible.In this way, the Absolute Stream offers the user superior sound quality, which is the primary goal of the music lover.

    Solid one-piece aluminum body

    The 22 kg, CNC-machined chassis takes 15 hours to manufacture.

    The result is a solid mechanical base that houses the most complicated and expensive electronics currently available.Various finishes are available to order.


    • Real-time core playback.High priority rendering CPU for audio playback only to ensure highly optimized sound quality
    • Functions as a roon bridge, rendering your music from NAS or HDs into the Absolute Stream's core CPU
    • Ready for internet streaming services with maximum integration or via UPNP (Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, internet radio, etc.)
    • Proprietary femto-clock re-clocking circuitry on an upgradeable platform
    • Powerbank with very large main capacitors (low ESR, audiophile silk caps) and handcrafted audiophile transformer
    • Proprietary noise-free rectifier bridge eliminates diode rectifier noise
    • Ultra-low-noise, linear power supplies across all board voltage points
    • Proprietary ultra-low-noise bypass line filter that improves transient current for the CPU (spectacular sound improvement!);
    • Short signal paths without cabling
    • Simplified, simple operation without interfering internal circuitry
    • Audiophile design and solid aluminum construction

      Technical details

      SUPPORTED FORMATS (INPUT DEPENDENT) 44.1kHz to 384kHz PCM up to 32 bits, any DSD (up to 8xDSD)
      SYSTEM SSD 128GB for OS system
      INTERNAL STORAGE *Optional 1- 4TB for Music Libraries
      DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT 2 X USB with proprietary Re-Clocking (one with 5v rail, one without)
      INPUT Ethernet
      EXTERNAL CONNECTIVITY 2 X USB 3.0 for external HD Music Libraries
      POWER SUPPLY 3 X ultra-low noise full linear power supplies (for all different voltage needs).No switching power supply at any point of the device
      DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 490 x 350 x 110 mm ( (19.2 x 137x43 in)
      WEIGHT 22 kg (~ 49 lbs)


      “…I've never seen anything like it – fascinating…” “…incredible resolution and three-dimensional sonority, which is particularly surprising in the high pitches…””This is great class and for me absolutely unique, very far from the usual …”

      WOLFGANG KEMPER Wolfgang Kemper, HIFI STATEMENT, Dec 2022

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      “…The Absolute Epsilon DAC, Absolute Stream music server, and Absolute Time master clock are in the upper echelon of today’s best digital playback.The trio has some remarkable musical attributes, including stunningly lifelike reproduction of music's dynamics.The sense of immediacy and presence—the impression of nothing between you and the music—was equally impressive.”

      Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, June 2022

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      ” …You will remember us, as it is destined to remain in your aural memory as one of the best digital propositions in the world, especially in combination with the Absolute DAC.It is undoubtedly a leading solution in the matter of streaming & digital music serving with an unparalleled sound approach in naturalness and 'purity', transforming even the online services Tidal & Spotify into something of unimaginable quality.”

      Thanasis Moraitis , July 2022

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      ”…This is a top high-end, hence the GOLD FINGERPRINT award deserved for this system… …ABSOLUTE SUITE by Ideon Audio is one of the best-built audio I know… …the Greek player would be the equivalent of a top turntable ….”

      " It is something between 'weight', 'seriousness' and 'solidity'.It is the ultimate and certain force that you can always rely on and that does not change.And this is what the Ideon Audio sounded like.It draws you into its world, both through the dense colors and saturation of the presentation with information, as well as through something that is difficult to define, and which makes us let go and listen to music in awe and delight.”

      High Fidelity, November 2020

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