Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP
Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP

Hiby R8 II - Reference DAP

CHF 1,999.00 Normal price CHF 2,199.00

Silver & Blue available immediately. Red available to order.

The mobile concert hall

The R8 II is tuned in line with the "Portable Concert Hall" ethos of the original R8, but takes it a step further by combining the large soundstage projected by the series with a new level of detail and density and truly brings the openness and power of an orchestral performance into a portable listening environment, all thanks to the all-new Darwin MPA architecture.


Headfonics Audio Reviews

"I am both surprised and impressed with the performance of the HiBy R8 II DAP. The quality of the performance is exciting, engaging, and highly resolving. It has a lot more drive and energy with tested pairings compared to the original R8 and a vocal presence and midrange openness that might tick more boxes than the RS8's equivalent."

Hiby R8ii Review

HiBy R8 II Review — Headfonics


"The HiBy R8 II sets a new standard for neutral-sounding DAPs, especially below the 2000$ range. Its super dark background, precise stereo imaging, and spacious soundstage create an immersive listening experience that remains faithful to the recording. With its honest and uncolored reproduction, the R8 II invites you to rediscover your music with newfound clarity.

With its premium build, advanced technical specifications, and great sound performance, the HiBy R8 II stands as a good example of the brand’s dedication to advancing the realm of portable audio. We recommend the HiBy R8 II to audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking a higher-end digital audio player with a neutral sound. It will be added to our DAP Recommendations. Kudos to HiBy."

HiBy R8 II Review - Headfonia Reviews

"With such rich selection of features and the flagship level of performance at a cheaper price in comparison to their RS8 TOTL flagship release, R8ii deserves a very serious consideration."

  • Darwin-MPA architecture with a custom FPGA/Delta-Sigma implementation
  • Natural transparent tonality with a clear detailed sound, deeper bass response
  • Turbo mode with a voltage boost
  • Fast Android 12 performance
  • Alcantara material integration
  • Phenomenal battery life.

Hiby R8 II (R8ii) – Twister6 Reviews


  • HiBy's own discrete DARWIN MPA PWM DAC
  • 12000mAh battery
  • Darwin MPA
  • 8+256GB storage Open Android 12
  • 5.9" 1080p large display
  • System-wide Bitperfect audio
  • DSD1024 PCM1536
  • MQA 16x audio deconvolution
  • 3.5/4.4mm dual audio ports
  • 2.4 / 5G dual-band WiFi

    Hiby R8 II

    External design

    An asymmetrical, dual-curve design language creates an elegant, curved surface that is both visually stunning, stunning and comfortable to hold.

    The light dances along the curves just as the music dances through their circles!
    High-gloss 316LVM surgical-grade stainless steel.

    A surgical-grade stainless steel chassis designed for the surgical Precision matches its audio quality. It has high tensile strength, exemplary resistance to rust and wear, and is able to maintain its stunning appearance even with long-term use, even with long-term use.

    Alcantara Future Fabric - an extraordinary rendezvous with HiFi

    With the R8II, HiBy breaks new ground in chassis design by using an Alcantara back. Alcantara is not an ordinary brand: designed and manufactured in Italy, with a serious and certified commitment to sustainability and
    and unlimited variations of the product, beautiful and functional, it is a key to modern, cosmopolitan and unique visual and tactile impressions.

    When we at HiBy Alcantara crossed with the R8 II, we created an entirely new design language that combined the elegant yet functional language of the original R6 Pro with the double curve design of the R6Pro II.

    The R8II is a new work of art from HiBy in the areas of industrial design, ergonomics, color, material and surface. Its carefully designed lines combined with the highly polished case sides made of medical-grade 316LVM stainless steel and the only material the designer chose from around the world for the back panel - Alcantara - offers its owners an unparalleled feast of looks and sound.

    Breaking the boundaries of the material, achieving the impossible

    After in-depth communication with Alcantara, we discovered that we have a common goal of breaking with tradition and breaking through perceived boundaries.

    When designing the protective cover of the R8II, we boldly chose a novel design decided: We use Bayer UE95 TPU as the main protective case and added Alcantara, which matches the back plate of the R8II, as the side material for the case.

    The two unique materials merge to create a unique feel. It offers excellent load capacity, shock resistance and shock absorption and combines with the design language of the R8II, thanks to the timeless combination of high resistance and fine feel of Alcantara, the material of the future.

    Hiby R8 II

    Portable Concert Hall MkII

    The R8 II is tuned in keeping with the "Portable Concert Hall" ethos of the original R8, but takes it a step further by filling the large soundstage the series projects with a new level of detail and density .

    The R8 II manages to bring the openness and power of an orchestral performance into a portable listening environment, thanks to the all-new Darwin MPA architecture.

    Darwin MPA - Multiphase PWM array, 16-way DAC in current mode

    The Darwin-MPA (Multiphase PWM Array) continues the flexible design of the Darwin-R2R and has most of the same features as the Darwin-R2R. To work with the internal delta-sigma modulators, the input signals are oversampled to 128x via the flexible Darwin v2 filter system (which can optionally emulate various types of non-oversampled DAC functions).

    The oversampling (or non-oversampling) processing follows a cascaded FIR design with a high-precision 1024 tap opening stage.The output stage includes 16 channels of current-mode D/A conversion coupled with I/V conversion amplification and "low-pass" filtering only at MHz frequencies thanks to the exemplary oversampling (or non-oversampling) implementation for an exquisite , open sound with exceptional bandwidth, with a
    modest power consumption befitting the identity of a "portable" DAP.

    Hiby R8 II

    Dual headphone amplification (Class A / AB), freely switchable

    Two independent headphone amplifier circuits, switchable via software. Universally recognized Class-A amplification driven by 2 ADA4625-2 driver opamps and 16 custom transistors for zero crossover distortion and fast
    transient response.

    Give you additional control with Class-A mode through the headphones, increasing the feeling of power and density while improving control over the drivers for a detailed, nuanced sound - a sound befitting a flagship, no matter how complex the passage.

    Class AB mode ensures longer battery life, less heat and sound quality that already matches most headphones on the market.

    Turbo mode

    Turning on Turbo mode increases power reserves by 25% and unlocks powerful power lines with just one touch of the screen.
    Touching the screen. Full power at full throttle!

    Increases the maximum voltage swing, maximum volume, etc.
    Headlight power supply: Standard-- ±6V; Turbo Mode: ±7.5V
    (*Turning on Turbo Mode significantly increases heat output and battery consumption, resulting in ~20% less runtime per charge)

    Flagship quality analog circuit components

    Includes 4 tube-like Elna audio capacitors for an analog, detailed sound character. In addition, 28 tantalum capacitors with high density and capacity - an assembly befitting a king (of audio technology)!

    Dedicated femtosecond precision crystal oscillators

    Two dedicated high-frequency femtosecond precision crystal oscillators at 90.3168 and 98.304 MHz provide atomic clock accuracy for all digital audio signals.

    Hiby R8 II

    12000mAh large battery

    The huge battery is specially designed for shocking power consumption and has enough space for using Class A and Turbo modes.

    Up to 21 hours of battery life for long trips, keeping the music with you is

    • 3.5mm PO 20h Class-A |21h Class AB
    • 4.4 mm BAL 18 hours Class-A | 21 hours Class AB
    • 3.5 mm PO (Turbo) 15h Class A | 19h Class AB
    • 4.4mm BAL (Turbo) 11.5h Class A | 17h Class AB

    Independent power supplies

    Digital, D/A, preamplifier and postamplifier circuits are powered individually and without crossover.

    The headphone amplifier is powered by a DC/DC transformer with low residual ripple and 3 fully shielded high voltage Flux IR High Power
    Power Inductors.

    The low pass filters are powered by a DC/DC transformer + 6 high PSRR +/- LDOs that independently power the left and right channels.
    and right channel.

    The DAC is powered by a DC/DC transformer and 2 ultra-low ripple LDOs that control the left and right channels independently.

    Keep cool

    The pure copper battery casing fits comfortably in the hand, is highly efficient at dissipating heat and keeps the internals cool even in the hottest situations.

    Hiby R8 IIHiby R8 II