Hiby FC6 - High-End R2R Audio USB dongle
Hiby FC6 - High-End R2R Audio USB dongle
Hiby FC6 - High-End R2R Audio USB dongle
Hiby FC6 - High-End R2R Audio USB dongle
Hiby FC6 - High-End R2R Audio USB dongle

Hiby FC6 - High-End R2R Audio USB dongle

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R2R ​​USB dongle in a class of its own with color display

The new HiBy FC6 is a portable USB DAC/AMP with integrated Darwin audio architecture. Using 96 precisely matched resistors forming an R2R Ladder Array DAC arrangement, the latest FC6 promises exceptional sonic clarity with a rich, analog sound.

The FC6 has a discrete headphone amplifier stage that ensures clean and sufficient amplification of the sound signal. The FC6 features multiple Darwin filters and a one-button switchable NOS/OS mode.

HiBy FC6 supports all leading audio signal formats with decoding up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512 and 8x MQA signal decoding. FC6 brings captivating sound in a compact form factor!!

Award-winning Darwin architecture from HiBy

The HiBy FC6 is equipped with the Darwin Architecture technology developed by HiBy. The FC6 is the first USB DAC/AMP on the market to feature this groundbreaking audio architecture, already used in high-end digital audio players. It uses an R2R DAC combined with FIR filters and NOS/OS switches, providing the perfect combination of traditional R2R touch and modern digital filters in a single package.

Precisely customized R-2R DAC architecture

HiBy FC6 features a custom R2R ladder array DAC design. It uses 96 high-precision resistors in an R-2R network along with secret black ops linearity compensation technology. It offers the rich, analog touch of R2R DACs with the accuracy of modern DACs.


Headfonics Audio Reviews

Hiby FC6

"The HiBy FC6 has some pleasing density and a bit of welcome grunt combined with fulsome mids and relaxed highs. Both the NOS and OS modes have enough qualitative differences to give you some real-world benefits to fine-tune for either bright or bassy headgear depending on your preferences."

HiBy FC6 Review — Headfonics



1.Very Small Size
2. Sounds Absolutely fantastic
3. Great build quality
4. Nice set of accessories
5. Performs really well with any iem's ​​but specially bright sounding ones
6. Sounds really different from the other dongle dac

Hiby FC6 - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org


  • Darwin Architecture
  • R2R ​​DAC
  • NOS/OS mode
  • Darwin filter
  • FPGA reclocking system
  • Darwin HDR
  • discrete headphone amplifier stage
  • MQA 8X, DSD512 / PCM768
  • Hi-Res certified
  • 3.5mm SE output
  • Computer sound card / smartphone audio dongle
  • Metal housing
  • Color display

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