Furutech Evolution Audio II RCA - High End RCA cable

Furutech Evolution Audio II RCA - High End RCA cable

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Furutech Evolution Audio II RCA

Furutech's Evolution Series won The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award in both 2007 and 2008.


All enthusiasts are looking for the same things: verisimilitude, a sense of engagement that promotes suspension of disbelief, a true immersion in the audio and video experience. In order to easily move away from the demands of modern times, careful preparation of the entire playback chain is required, especially the cables, power cords and power distribution.

Evolution II, an update to the very well-received Evolution series, includes newly developed anti-resonance cable clamps as well as improved dielectric/insulation made from RoHS-compliant Pb-free PVC, which uses anti-resonance carbon particles in its manufacture be.

Our pure transmission philosophy includes rhodium-plated pure copper conductors, even the IEC connectors on the Evolution II power cord. No detail is too small, every element of signal and power transmission is thought out to the smallest detail, treated with advanced processes and provided with beautiful design and high quality workmanship to enrich every musical experience.

  • High performance gold-plated RCA connectors [FP-110 (G)]
  • RCA center pin 24k gold plated, non-magnetic α (alpha) OCC conductor with Teflon dielectric
  • RCA connector backbone made from non-magnetic, 24k gold-plated, cast eutectic copper alloy with beautifully crafted, non-magnetic, copper alloy outer locking shell
  • Shield 1 0.12 mm α (Alpha) conductor wire braid
  • Cable insulated with polypropylene to reduce capacity and dampen vibrations
  • Results in better resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which the music can unfold better, without artificial over-radiation in the upper frequency range
  • The α (alpha) conductor consists of fine OCC wire strands
  • Treated with Furutech's α (Alpha) cryogenic and degaussing process
  • α (Alpha) OCC conductor wires are treated with FURUTECH α(Alpha) to minimize transmission loss
  • Equipped with high-performance FP-110 (G) RCA or FP-701M(G)/702F(G) XLR connectors
  • FP-110 (G) non-magnetic 24k gold plated PCOCC center pin with dielectric Teflon. Housing made of non-magnetic, 24k gold-plated, eutectic cast brass. Non-magnetic brass housing (black)
  • Shielded with 0.12 mm α(alpha) conductor wire braid to realize excellent noise isolation.
  • Insulated with high quality polypropylene that helps reduce capacity.


Reviews & Awards

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"...I can wholeheartedly recommend these cables to anyone who wants more from their current system." - Brett Rudolf EnjoyTheMusic.com

"Furutech cables offer great transparency and purity, as well as an uncanny ability to block out noise and dirt." - Chris Marten's The Absolute Sound


  • Conductor:α(Alpha) conductor(80 pieces/0.18 mm), diameter:1.86 mm
  • Insulation:Polypropylene (Red, White) ,Diameter:2.46mm
  • Twisting: 2 cores twisted with cotton yarn.
  • Barrier layer:Non-woven fabric(Warp), Diameter:5.0mm Approx.
  • Shield:α(Alpha) Conductor 0.12mm Braid, Diameter:6.0mm Approx.
  • Sheath: Flexible PVC (dark green), diameter:9.0 mm
  • Sheath: nylon yarn braid, diameter: approx. 10.0 mm

Electrical properties of the cable / test method

  • Max. Conductor resistance 10.0Ω/km, JISC3005 4.4 20℃
  • Min. Insulation resistance 1000 MΩ‧km,JISC3005 4.7.1 20℃
  • Dielectric strength AC. 500V/1min.,JISC3005 4.6a
  • Electrostatic capacity Approx. 42 PF/m, at 1 KHz
  • Characteristic impedance Approx. 120 Ω, at 100 KHz