FiR Audio Electron 12 (E12) - Single DD High-End IEM
FiR Audio Electron 12 (E12) - Single DD High-End IEM
FiR Audio Electron 12 (E12) - Single DD High-End IEM
FiR Audio Electron 12 (E12) - Single DD High-End IEM
FiR Audio Electron 12 (E12) - Single DD High-End IEM

FiR Audio Electron 12 (E12) - Single DD High-End IEM

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Electron 12

FIR Audio E12


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FIR Audio e12 Review — Headfonics


"The Electron 12 impresses with a powerful, dynamic and energetic low end as well as with a head-scratching stage construction. It features a highly transparent mid-range that will definitely please many audiophiles around the world. The new faceplate design and versatility is also a fun addition to the product itself, giving the customers the option to build a custom set of universal IEMs."

FIR Audio Electron 12 Review - Headfonia Reviews


The Electron 12 (E12) is a revolutionary leap in the world of in-ear monitors (IEMs) that exceeds all expectations. Our groundbreaking SwapX technology sets it apart and allows you to easily change the look of your IEM with the help of swappable faceplates. Customize your universal fit experience with our premium designs and materials for a truly personal touch.

Behind the e12's sleek exterior lies a powerful 12mm electrodynamic driver with our Tactile Bass Technology. Precision-crafted from premium materials, the driver undergoes rigorous testing to meet our uncompromising standards for sound quality. With a single sound source, the e12 achieves unparalleled phase coherence and offers a comprehensive listening experience that ranges from airy, crisp highs to the deep bass.

Our proprietary Tactile Bass Technology utilizes the entire solid cabinet, so the Bass reverberates through and a structured and tactile feeling is created in the bass range. The machined aluminum casing with its solid insert supports Tactile Bass technology, ensuring durability and high-quality aesthetics.

The modular design of the casing with a main front panel secured by screws increases efficiency and ease of maintenance, ensuring that Your investment will last a long time.

The exclusive ATOM Venting System expands the soundstage and ensures a natural listening experience that is second to none. And to top it all off, we've included a stunning pure silver 8 strand oxygen free cable with copper shielding in a clear jacket that completes the package with style and sophistication. Elevate your audio experience with the e12 - where innovation meets first-class craftsmanship.



Easily change the look of your IEM with interchangeable faceplates.

FIR Audio E12

Tactile Bass

Using the entire solid cabinet allows the bass to shine through, creating a textured and tactile feel in the bass range.

FIR Audio E12



A pressure relief system that relieves pressure that builds up in a closed ear canal. This greatly reduces listener fatigue, allowing you to hear more and listen longer.

FIR Audio E12

SwapX Assembly

Modular shell construction mounted on screws ensures lasting efficiency and ease of maintenance for your investment

FIR Audio E12

SwapX 2-Pin

The longest-lasting 2-pin connector on the market, rated for 1,000 connections.

FIR Audio E12


  • Single 12mm electrodynamic driver with tactile bass


  • Freq. Range: 20-20kHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Isolation: -17db


  • SwapX Faceplates Technology
  • Tactile Bass Technology
  • ATOM (internal)
  • Machined aluminum solid shells
  • Pure silver, oxygen-free, copper-shielded clear cable
  • Gold plated symmetrical 4.4mm cap
  • Genuine leather protective case