Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - Audio Essence
Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - Audio Essence
Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - Audio Essence
Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - Audio Essence
Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - Audio Essence
Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - Audio Essence
Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - Audio Essence

Empire Ears ODIN (universal) - the best IEM in the world

CHF 3,399.00

New! 4. 4mm instead of 2. 5mm Termination

Delivery times
approx. 2-4 weeks (universal)
approx. 6-8 weeks (custom)

Test demo device

Odin Have custom in-ears made

Odin the father of the gods - Unrivaled sound through perfect tuning

The universe needs icons. Those extraordinary few who stand out from everyone else. Earphones that stand on their own - so superior they're named after the god of wisdom, poetry, death, divination and magic. Odin has arrived. Its beauty leaves no room for doubt. Its power cannot be denied.

Without a doubt, Odin sits at the pinnacle of the Empire Ears line as our most iconic flagship in-ear headphones.


Empire Ears Odin Award

“The Odin is definitely one of the very best monitors money can buy right now. And it clearly was the best universal IEM that made its way to me this year. There's no doubt it deserves to be crowned Best Universal IEM of 2020. ”Linus - Headfonia. com

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Empire Ears Odin best IEM award

“The Odin is a monster of a monitor with world-class technical capability as well as an explosive and engaging tuning. Best universal I have reviewed in 2020 overall. ”
Marcus Downey, Headfonics. com

Empire Ears Odin Review

"Unmatched fidelity"

"The Odin can do almost everything. It has a vast potential for dynamic range reproduction like no other IEM can. The clarity and resolution are unmatched and makes for one of the best IEMs Empire Ears have released yet. For $3,399 it better sounded great, that's for sure. If you're willing to cash in on these bad boys, you'll be more than satisfied. "Alex Schiffer, Majorhifi. com

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Empire Ears Odin Review

"Dean Vang has done a wonderful job with the Odins – a tuning which is engaging and spirited while being rooted in fantastic technicalities. It is a presentation which manages to exploit desired traits without the inherent consequences. A powerful and yet controlled low-end, a forward midrange devoid of glare and a detailed treble minus the sibilance. On top of this, the staging is fantastic with one of the most well-layered sound I have heard to date. For these reasons, the Empire Ear Odin can be considered one of the best to have graced the IEM scene of late. "

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Empire Ears Odin Review

"Incredibly clear, detailed, balanced and powerful sound - Possibly the best-in-class IEM"

"The new king. "

"SOLID Tonality, Highly detailed, Vocal placement, control, and texture is one of the best out there, Faceplate is just GORGEOUS, Cable is pretty up there in terms of quality. "

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Designer's Notes

"ODIN was developed to make the most of every moment the listener spends in his company and promises moments of pure listening euphoria . Where traditional IEMs focus on simply reproducing sound, ODIN delivers the precise emotion of every recorded nuance through its exceptional 5Hz-100kHz frequency response.

These inspiring, dreamlike moments are made possible through the use of the three best IEM driver technologies available today, the most advanced crossover system in the industry, the most potent components we could lay our hands on and the masterful tuning of our Founder, my father and CTO, Dean Vang.

ODIN is the embodiment of Empire DNA in its most extreme form - in design, performance and scope of possibilities. ODIN rediscovers the true meaning of engagement between listener and IEM. "

Jack Vang
VP of Empire Ears


  • Odin in-ear monitors
  • Stormbreaker cable with 4. 4mm balanced plug
  • Different silicone ear tips to adjust to your ears
  • Premium "Pandora Case" made of aluminum
  • Cleaning Cloth

The Stormbreaker cable is only available with 2. 5mm balanced plugs available. adapter from 2. 5mm balanced to 3. 5mm single ended or 4. 4mm balanced can be ordered separately.

Technical Specifications

  • 11 Proprietary Drivers, Tribrid Design
  • 2 Next Generation W9+ Subwoofers - Sub-Bass, Bass
  • 5 Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers - 2 low-mid, 2 mid, 1 mid-high
  • 4 Premium Electrostatic Drivers - 2 High, 2 Super High
  • 7-Way synX Crossover Network
  • EIVEC - Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control Technology
  • A. R C Resonance Mitigation Technology
  • Impedance: 3 Ohms @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 100kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
  • Bespoke Stormbreaker UPOCC Copper Litz Cable, Quad Conductor Dual Guage Design

Custom in-ears - make it your own!

All Empire Ears in-ears are also available as custom models.
The Customs are made especially for you and fitted to your ears. In addition, you can design the design almost freely.

Look here: Custom In-Ears - Audio Essence