Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO
Empire Ears LEGEND EVO

Empire Ears LEGEND EVO

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The evolution of a legend: Empire Ears Legend EVO


Empire Ears EVO

The story of the Legend EVO is the story of a revolution. Freed from the constraints of convention and empowered by the knowledge from decades of experience, we knew we had to take extraordinary new measures to develop a true successor.

With the groundbreaking Dual Conduction Architecture and the 8-driver -Tribrid system at its heart, the Legend EVO sets new standards in the IEM industry, offering an unprecedented level of innovation and performance.

A prime example of technical brilliance, the Legend EVO represents the boldest expression of Empire Ears.


"With the Weapon X driver Empire Ears has once again proven that they are in the pursuit of extraordinary. A bone conduction driver built from the ground up isn't something you just develop, it's something you master over time and from what I can tell they have done an excellent job.

The Legend Evo has a natural sound, paired with incredible technical performance and a powerful and dynamic low end that will keep you bopping your head to the rhythm. Bass heads that don't want to make compromises when it comes to technical performance listen up, this is the one to hear. 100% recommended!"

Empire Ears Legend Evo Review - Headfonia Reviews

Headfonics Audio Reviews

"This is a bass monster, but a monster with refined taste and also one that brings some sort of A-game to the mids and treble table in terms of resolution and timbral balance."

Empire Ears EVO Review

Empire Ears Legend EVO Review | Headfonics Audio Reviews


"EVO is a very addictive IEM that will appeal even to those who are not fans of enhanced bass because it doesn't have traditional L-shaped sig. It evolved into audiophile quality basshead IEM that can equally satisfy those who prefer consumer tuning with enhanced bass and others who are picky audiophiles and want natural clarity and good retrieval of details in addition to quality bass."

Empire Ears Legend EVO – Twister6 Reviews

Bloom Audio

"Legend EVO delivers the total package, but most importantly with its dual dynamic plus bone conduction design, it delivers a new level of uncompromising low end power. “Uncompromising” might be the best word to describe what makes the Legend EVO so special: it's not that they didn't compromise the bass for the sake of the rest of the sound signature, or that they didn't compromise the overall sound signature for the bass.It's all there and it's all excellent.With the Legend EVO , Empire Ears simply didn't compromise."

Empire Ears Legend EVO Review - YouTube

Empire Ears EVO


  • 2 W9+ subwoofer
  • 5 Precision Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Weapon X bone transducer Ultra Driver
  • 9-way synX crossover
  • Dual line architecture
  • ARC resonance mitigation technology
  • Impedance: 4.5 ohms @ 1kHz
  • Frequency response: 5Hz-35kHz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
  • Empire X PWAudio "GENESIS" Ultra Pure OCC copper cable, 4.4 Pentaconn connector


If you look at our hearing system, you can divide it into 3 different areas: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.Air conduction uses all three areas as sound is picked up by the outer ear and conducted through the ear canal into the eardrum, causing the ossicles in the middle ear to vibrate and stimulating the hair cells in the cochlea in the inner ear. This stimulation produces electrical nerve impulses that which are then conducted via the auditory nerve to the brain, where they are converted into sound.

Bone conduction completely bypasses the components of the outer and middle ear by sending the vibrations directly through the skull to the hair cells in the to stimulate the cochlea. Bone conduction allows us to hear ultrasound (beyond 20 kHz). Bone conduction is generally perceived as a lower pitched sound, as the skull conducts lower frequencies more efficiently than air.


The Legend EVO uses the best of both worlds with its groundbreaking Dual Conduction Architecture. The full frequency range from 5Hz to 20kHz is reproduced via air conduction by the two W9+ subwoofers and the 5 balanced armatures, while imaging, soundstage, detail reproduction, low frequency extension and reverberation range from 5Hz to 35 kHz over bone conduction are greatly enhanced by the W10.

Using Dual Conduction Architecture and our master tuning, the Legend EVO reproduces the most immersive, pure and stereophonic sound possible.


Empire Ears EVO

In designing the most impressive bone conduction driver ever used in an IEM, it was paramount to carefully and thoroughly evaluate every facet of the W10 to ensure no stone was left unturned. Each element of the W10 has been hand selected, engineered and extensively tested to achieve optimal bone conductivity.

Stainless steel housing

The ultra-tough, nickel-plated SPCC W10's chassis was designed to avoid any discoloration that could result from internal resonance or flexing.

The X Factor

The crown jewel and the driving force The power of the W10 is its obscenely strong N52 neodymium magnet. N52 is the highest grade of neodymium currently available and its DNA consists of neodymium, iron and boron.

The entire design of the W10 revolves around this magnet.

Voice coil off pure copper

The voice coil is one of the most important aspects of the W10. As the electrical current of the audio signal flows through the coil, it creates an alternating magnetic field that pushes and pulls against the W10's magnet. By moving the current back and forth, we are able to create immense sonic vibrations throughout the W10's chassis.

The W10 uses a pure copper voice coil made in Japan, which is responsible for a precise frequency and transient response is optimized. Consistency of winding tension, density of enamel, bonding techniques, dimensions and copper composition were all factors critical to linearity, extremely low distortion and efficient heat dissipation.

Resonance and the Vibrating Diaphragm

The vibrating diaphragm is the carefully engineered interface between the W10's magnetic properties and acoustic capabilities. It is made of steel and laser welded. Every single variable was crucial in the development.From the weight, stiffness and resilience of the steel, to the length and angle of the three cantilevered struts, creating the world's most complete and resolving bone conduction speaker was more than a declaration of love, it stretched far into the realms of obsession


Empire Ears EVO

The Legend Evo pays homage to its predecessor with its minimalist looks and classic colourway, but a closer look at the details reveals that everything is geared towards exceptional, groundbreaking performance.

Dual Tri-Port Exhausts

Due to the extreme performance of the W10, the case's air volume and vent design were particularly important for proper ventilation.

By mastering the volume requirements of the W10, we are able to maximize its optimal performance, capabilities and potential.

ARC treated chassis
Any bend in the cabinet walls results in unequal resonant frequencies. By treating the fixtures in critical areas with ARC, we gain control of the space and can allow what is reflected and/or absorbed. In this way, unwanted noise is eliminated and the sound of the drivers is kept as pure as possible.

Precisely mounted "weapons"

The W10 is strategically placed on the Ceiling mounted in a specially designed cavity at the top of the cabinet. This cavity is engineered to keep all sound vibrations inside and to maximize bone conduction transmission through the massively filled ear canal.

Sound Attenuated Barrier

Low frequency energy brings itself some of the most stable materials to swing. So we sealed the shell with a custom cast polymer to conduct the internal sound vibrations to the listener while reflecting unwanted energy from the outside.

The Midas Touch
The Legend Evo features two significant logos in gold: the timeless Empire Wing clasp, symbolizing our relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, and the EVO logo, signifying the evolution of Empire Ears' IEM technology.


Empire Ears EVO


  • 24AWG high purity OCC copper
  • Quad conductor, polypropylene reinforced core
  • Insulated UV resistant polyvinyl chloride jacket
  • 4.4 symmetrical pentaconn termination

Empire Ears EVO