<tc>Eletech Inferno - Over Ear Headphone Cable</tc>
<tc>Eletech Inferno - Over Ear Headphone Cable</tc>
<tc>Eletech Inferno - Over Ear Headphone Cable</tc>
<tc>Eletech Inferno - Over Ear Headphone Cable</tc>

Eletech Inferno - Over Ear Headphone Cable

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Inferno - Copper Of Duality

Eletech Inferno

Eletech is committed to perfecting headphone cables with its unique geometry. With "Inferno" Eletech presents the perfect copper cable for full-size headphones.

About the Dante Series

Eletech Inferno

The "Dante Series" is Eletech's first foray into full headphone cables. Inspired by the works of Dante Alighieri, Eletech's "Dante Series" incorporates many themes from the epic poem.

The "Dante Series" explores a completely different approach in terms of craft and geometry to create a perfect blend to achieve, which is best suited for use in headphones. "Inferno" is the result of months of experimentation and prototyping. The end result is an exemplary new cable structure that supports headphones and takes them to a whole new level of performance.

Unlike Eletech's usual multi-wire cabling geometry with thinner strands optimized for IEM cables, the "Inferno" features a full 21 AWG content of high-purity materials per signal (+/-), per side, which allows for a highly transparent sound signature while showcasing the unique properties of the unique blend.

Eletech's Stellar Performance

Since Eletech's debut in 2019, the veteran ateliers have enjoyed great success across their product portfolio with their unorthodox entry-level Virtues Series, high-performance School Of Athens Series, and class-leading Parnassus Series cables.

With the release of the "Dante" series, Eletech has brought its cable design expertise to the field of headphones, creating a new approach to traditional headphone cabling.

Eletech's R&D team launched the "Inferno" project in 2020 and spent two grueling years developing a variety of variants before settling on the "Duality" geometry, which is great for full-fledged desktops setups.

With the "Inferno", Eletech offers a Copper configuration capable of mastering technical characteristics while remaining an emotional piece.

Background & Inspirationon

Eletech "Inferno" is inspired by "Dante's Inferno" with key design drawing reference from the dark theme of the poem. A special, dark obsidian black was chosen for the Y-split, which limits light reflection; paired with brushed gunmetal to achieve a sturdy, tamed yet classy finish.

Taking a radical approach to material usage and configuration, Eletech decided to create a masterful copper experience that delivers an abysmal note weight and depth while offering enchanting musicality, soulful notes, and precise stereo imaging.

Design & Form Development

The aesthetics and form development of "Inferno" explores the theme of "Inferno", portraying it in a darker tone, with the choice of Obsidian Black as the Y-split of choice.

The Y-Split was designed to mimic the bone structure of human teeth, with geometric, multi-faceted cuts to provide an appropriate tactile experience. Unlike the usual Eletech IEM Y-splits, the "Inferno" uses a more compact one that significantly reduces weight.

Technology & Traits

Eletech Inferno

The "Inferno" is a project that shows a very emotive and musical presentation while offering a very surreal stereo imaging and micro-details Thanks to its double shielding it offers a very dark yet transparent background.

"Inferno " is the first cable in the Eletech collection to offer a dual solid core design, where each signal path (+/-) is lined with a high-efficiency 21 AWG full core of high-purity copper. This in turn allows for an abysmal note of weight and depth for the signature presentation.

The new geometry allows 2 different strand sizes to be combined in a single core. Eletech takes advantage of this geometry by using a comparatively thinner copper wire to amplify the high frequencies and a thicker wire to amplify the mids and basses. By achieving a balanced ratio, the high frequency extensions are boosted while retaining the layered decay and impact of the lows characteristic of copper.

To achieve the desired tonal profile, the "Inferno" uses a unique blend of two species Constructed of audiophile-grade, high-purity copper, it is shielded on two layers to allow pitch-black background darkness and accentuate foreground detail. The inner layer uses a fiber ceramic shield, while the outermost layer, an OFC shielded mesh, rejects EMF.


  • Dual 21AWG OCC Copper
  • Duality Core Design
  • Dual Shielded (Inner Fiber Ceramic ; Outer OFC Copper net)
  • Dual High Purity OCC Copper Blend
  • Eletech Customized Y-Split and Connectors
  • FlexiMax Insulation

Other lengths and connections available on request!


Inferno (1m)
Inferno (1.5m)
Inferno (1.8m)
Inferno (2.1m)
Inferno (2.5m)
Inferno (3m)

Headphone connection

Dual 3.5mm

Dual 2.5mm
Dual Mini 3pin XLR
Dual Mini 4pin XLR
(Furutech) Dual Mini 4pin XLR
DCA / Hirose
Single Ended 3.5mm TRRS
Sennheiser HD800
Focal LEMO
Sennheiser 2pin

Connection source

Eletech 2.5mm
Eletech 3.5mm
Eletech 4.4mm
4pin XLR Balanced
(Furutech) 4pin XLR
Dual 3pin XLR
(Furutech) 3pin XLR
6.3mm / 1/4'
(Furutech) 6.3mm / 1/4'